Light Troops Revival Event Sparks New Beginning

UNKNOWN, Light Troops Empire – Exactly a week after the Light Troops announced their comeback, they had their first event, successfully officiating the revival of the legendary army that is the Light Troops.

On September 20th, the Light Troops, an army famed for its large sizes and past success, officially made its comeback with their first event. Ioioluk created the Light Troops in 2011, and the army saw great success in 2016 and 2019, maxing astounding sizes of 100+ under the leadership of Waterkid and Epic101, respectively. Unfortunately, after the shutdown of CP Online, Epic101 announced the closure of the army in May 2020, vowing that it would never return.

Despite those claims, the Light Troops stands once more today, now under the leadership of Jester, Simmonds2000, and Mythic. Jester announced the revival of the army a week ago, and they hosted their first revival event on September 20th, maxing 40 troops and successfully registering under the CP Army Hub.

The Light Troops’ First Event Since The Revival.

This Light Troops revival event came shortly after the Elites’ final event, just before they shut down on September 21st. As Simmonds and Mythic are the current Generation 8 Godfathers of the Elites, they chose to transfer the six pieces of land that the Elites owned to the Light Troops. As of right now, the Light Troops possess Avalanche, Below Zero, Icicle, Flurry, Winterland, and Hibernate, setting the Light Troops up at a great starting point.

Elites transferring their land to the Light Troops

The CP Army Hub reached out to current Light Troops leader Mythic for an exclusive interview about the revival of this legendary army.

How do you feel about the revival event and getting registered in the CP Army Hub?

I feel amazing! The event went well and we maxed more than we expected. We had at least 40 people show up, though since it was Super CP our numbers were apparently cut to 19 or whatever, which is kind of dumb, but we’ll be fine.

Are you confident in the Light Troop’s abilities to do well despite the September drop? If yes, what gives you this confidence?

Yeah, there are quite a lot of people on Super CP and Super CP has a full community of Spanish people. We maxed 40 today so we’re definitely going to do really well! I have faith.

What goals do you have for this generation of the Light Troops?

Well, to be honest, we plan to just do our best. We want to raise the Light Troops back to the glory that every single past generation has brought to the army’s name. This army is one of the most legendary in CPA so we can’t really shame it. We have a huge responsibility and even bigger expectations placed upon us [to do well].

Any last thoughts or comments?

Thank you CPAH for removing half our max 🙂

It appears that the Light Troops are fully prepared to face the perils of the September drop and are excited to continue the successes of the previous generations. Will they be able to achieve this despite the pressure of the fall? Or will they fall short of the high expectations that the earlier generations have set for them?

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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