Most Wanted Get Robbed: Discord Server Deleted Following Internal Issues

SABERTOOTH, Former Most Wanted Capital – During early ‘AUSIA’ hours, the Most Wanted Discord server was deleted without any announcement. What events led to their sudden deletion?

The Most Wanted Army was created by KJ Honey and XWICKEDX on December 15th, 2019 and despite many successes, the first generation closed in late January of 2020.

The second generation was revived on September 18th by Fusion and Quinn, who were former staff members of the army when it first opened. The army was also revived by  Vivala and Erika, although they were not part of the staff in the first generation. The army held its first event, which was their opening event on September 18th, and the army maxed 13. Immediately following this event, they registered the army under the CP Army Hub, in which they were accepted as a small-medium army. 

Most Wanted opening event.

All of the army’s leaders were ecstatic about the return, and even the army’s creators joined the server to show support. Regardless of being open for only 4 days, the army held one event, which was enough to place them on the 8th spot of the small-medium Top Ten. Immediately following their opening event, the Golden Troops had transferred one of their servers, Sabertooth, to the Most Wanted Army.

Although, around 3 AM EST on September 21st, 2020, a questionable message was sent in #server-transfers under the CP Army Hub. Fusion, one of the leaders and revivers of the army, transferred their only server, which also happened to be their capital, to the Golden Troops. Although, the transfer wasn’t imminently met with acceptance, as both of the Golden Troops leaders, Rach and Kattle11, didn’t accept till nearly six hours later:

Fusion’s transfer of Sabertooth

The army already planned their second event for Tuesday, which was supposed to be announced later today. Although when one of the army leaders, Vivala, went to ping the event this morning, she was unable to locate the army’s Discord server. At first, she thought that she was banned from the server, although upon contacting some of her higher-command and members, it seems that the server was deleted.

Upon approaching all of the army leaders and creators, no one can pinpoint why the server was deleted. An anonymous source that approached the CP Army Hub stated that the part of the reason for the army’s deletion was due to one of the army’s creators handling army affairs, such as allyships, without consulting the army’s leaders.

On the other hand, the server transfers and the army’s sudden closure was done by Fusion without the knowledge of his fellow leaders and the army’s creators. To learn more, the CP Army Hub was able to catch an interview with one of the main leaders and revivers of the Most Wanted, to hear what exactly occurred earlier today.

Do you know why the Most Wanted Discord server was deleted?

It was deleted due to internal issues. All I will say is that this army should have not reopened at the time it did. It was rushed.

Why was ownership not transferred instead of deleting?

We all saw what happened the last time someone outside of Quinn and I held ownership. I didn’t want to further damage the reputation that Most Wanted already has.

Will the server be rebuilt? Or is this the end of your rendition of the Most Wanted?

Who knows? This community brings new things all the time, so maybe.

Overall, it seems that these ‘internal issues’ were the main cause of the army’s closure. Regardless of just being deleted, there is already another server being created by the Doritos’ leaders, under the approval of the XWICKEDX. Were the creators handling army affairs a justified reason for the closure? What is next for the Most Wanted Army?

What do YOU think? Was Fusion deleting the server justified? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below.


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief

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