Leader Life Stories: Oli, Special Weapons and Tactics

SNOW SHOE, SWAT Empire – Throughout the Eagre Foray, an ongoing war between the Water Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics, one thing has remained consistent: The love that the leaders from both sides have on not only their armies but the community as a whole. Specifically with SWAT, their leader, Oli, is yet another example of a leader from Club Penguin Armies from “back in the day” that continues to stick around to live through the nostalgia that he got to witness throughout his childhood.

Oli joined the community in 2009 by immediately joining SWAT. He was there for over two years without receiving any kind of promotion to staff or HCOM. But one day in 2011, his hopes of finally reaching a high ranking position within SWAT finally came true. He was able to soar up the ranks to Third in Command within SWAT. Come early 2012, Oli had ranked up to Leader in Training before being let go from the position due to inactivity. Following being released from his position, he took some time away from SWAT but found himself back with them after a few months. For the first time in his army career, Oli accepted a leadership position within SWAT in the early months of 2014. Although one day in September, he decided that it was time for him to retire, for what he thought was the final time.

Oli was away from the community for six years but reluctantly returned to his home army in April of this year. During this time, he opened Mango Corps with Smoke and Kaliee, to which they saw mild success, placing as high as seventh on the Small/Medium Top Ten. He finally returned to leadership within SWAT following the return of longtime SWAT vet and creator, Ganger90. Throughout his time in armies, he has lived by the phrase, “Loyalty Over Everything”, and it is clear that he has been very loyal to SWAT, and they, in turn, have been loyal to him.

SWAT Battle Against the Water Vikings on September 12, 2020

Under the leadership of Oli, SWAT has had quite the list of accolades achieved. Among these, the things that Oli would deem the most important and the most impressive are improving maxes from 12 at the start of his leadership to 36. SWAT has also peaked as high as sixth on the Major Army Top Ten. Throughout the success that we have seen from SWAT, Oli continues to credit his current leadership for changing the dynamic of the army, as well as their reputation that they have around the league.

CP Army Hub staff had the opportunity to sit down with Oli and learn more about his story.

Hello Oli, thank you for sitting down and doing this interview with us. My first question is: How did you get your start in the Army Community?

I was recruited off Mammoth actually. Late 2009, joined red swat. I couldn’t really get into regular club penguin so when I found out there was a more interesting sub group I was definitely intrigued.

Very nice. After all these years, what made you want to continue with SWAT as opposed to experimenting with other armies?

The community there isn’t the same as most other armies. All armies say they are like a family but SWAT truly has an aspect of closeness that I don’t see elsewhere.

What has been your favorite memory so far while leading SWAT?

It would have to be our second battle of our war against superstars. I saw for the first time that the work were doing was paying off and I really could leave a mark on the community I grew up in.

What advice would you give to those who hope to be in your shoes one day as a leader of an army?

Don’t army hop. Just because you’re offered a higher rank doesn’t make it better. You never know how close you are to leading.

What are some of your hobbies outside of armies?

I spend most of my time with school and work. In my free time I skate, bmx and have dabbled in fashion design.

As you can see, Oli has been around in this community for quite some time now. Throughout the time that he has spent, there has been quite an amount of ups and downs. With the Eagre Foray still going strong, only time will tell how this war plays out on his legacy both within SWAT and in the community as well.
What do YOU think? How has Oli been a vital edition to SWAT? How will his legacy pan out after the Eagre Foray has concluded? Be sure to let us know by leaving a comment!
CP Army Hub Reporter

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