Tree Cult Set To Grow Again

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Tree Cult Empire – Throughout the month, the community has witnessed many re-openings and revivals, and there just so happens to be yet another, the Tree Cult.

The Tree Cult was created on February 21st of this year by QwertyFusion. The army started off as just another small/medium army but soon became a powerhouse, hitting maxes of 30 under the leadership of QwertyFusion, Ugly, and Travis. The army would be one of a few who joined the International United Armies (IUA) and the alliance with armies such as the Aliens and Adventurers. However, in early April, the army closed down due to the backlash of the IUA attacking the Ice Warriors. Not soon after, the army was once again revived by its creator, QwertyFusion. The army would continue to hold events until its closure when Club Penguin Online shut down.

Tree Cult prior to closure in April

On September 21st, it was revealed that the Tree Cult was indeed coming back, with a new staff team and all. One day later, the revival event was held, where they maxed 10 penguins. Not only did Ugly and QwertyFusion come back to lead the army again, but some new leaders too, including MaxTC, Pleby, and Hawkflight.

Tree Cult Revival Event

The Club Penguin Army Hub was able to reach out to the QwertyFusion for an exclusive interview on his thoughts on the revival.

First off, may I congratulate you on your revival! When did you start thinking about reviving the army?

Thank you, well, to be honest, it was today when we decided to revive Tree Cult as one of our Leaders, Ugly, messaged me speaking of his intense curiosity of reviving the Tree Cult Army again. So we worked on announcing and getting the views of the other members and since it was quite favorable, we contacted Austin and got ready for the Revival Event.

That’s amazing to hear! As a creator, how excited are you for this revival?

Well as a Creator, I am quite excited as it hyped all of our members once again and brought the Unity of The Tree Cult Family.

That’s great to hear that you’re excited and pumped for this revival! What do you think can be accomplished with the future of this army?

We are not just an army, we are a Family too and a Gamers Community, so we can create a community together and as the name suggests, we also encourage the plantation of Trees. So, we have not high expectations except the one to make our community grow and be filled with friendship and Gamers.

It’s always great when an army is more than an army, but a family. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Yeah I would love to thank the CPAL Community for being so lively and friendly all the time. Also thank the leaders of the Community who work so much to keep the Community together. And finally, thank you for supporting us, The Tree Cult. Stay Happy Stay safe!
QwentyFusion thinks there’s a lot in store for the Tree Cult, bring back a ton of excitement and joy from former members when they announced the revival.
What do YOU think? Will this revival will be as great as the last. Comment YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!
CP Army Hub Reporter

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  1. WOOO TREE CULTS BACK!! :salute: yall are amazing, cant wait to help yall


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