The Club Penguin Army Census 2020: Information and Submission

ALASKA, CP Army Hub’s Headquarters – The Army Hub administration are excited to launch the 2020 Club Penguin Army Census. 

The tradition of a census began in 2011, and it received about 100+ submissions. The census typically details questions about the individual’s army experience. For example, when they first began playing Club Penguin, when and how they first discovered armies, and more. The success of the first census prompted CPA Central to hold its second census three years later. Compared to this first one, the polls saw nearly 400 submissions and questions that inquired about the viewers’ personal information. Bluesockwa1, CPAC’s Chief Executive Officer pointed out the 60% greater participation than previous years and noted that he hopes 2017 can see another census happening.  

Unfortunately, the head of CPA World Media was unable to foresee Club Penguin’s demise. The majority of individuals in armies left under the assumption Club Penguin was fully dead and now exists as a memory, but a few stuck around and developed armies in 2017 through Club Penguin Private Servers. News sites such as Eden’s Club Penguin Rewritten Army Central existed and handled the news at the time, but the memory of a census likely faded away. Even if one was held, there weren’t enough people or popularity in the game to have enough participants. 2017 may have been a year with expectations but didn’t live up to them.

Taken from the 2014 Army Census.

Flash forward to the current time, 2020. Who would have expected that armies were witnessing their golden age? The biggest armies, such as the Rebel Penguin Federation and Ice Warriors, are easily maxing 60-100, which was unseen in Disney’s Club Penguin. Armies may be a dying breed, but the community is the biggest it will be (unless the third surge in Club Penguin happens). What made a census initially impossible was the division of news sites. Greeny and DMT’s Club Penguin Armies rivaled Epic101’s Army League, and rarely saw eye-to-eye. Epic’s infamous removal from CP Army League’s Board of Directors was a light to a few members of the Club Penguin population, indicating that a unification is possible. The light was more than a glimpse of hope, rather it was an opportunity that led to Club Penguin Army Hub’s creation. As the community currently exists under one banner, this prompted to be the perfect chance for another census. It has been three years since 2017, and as the community’s size is the greatest it can be, the census tradition can live on. 

Some may ask why a census is important? Take the United States census as an example. Every 10 years, citizens of the United States must complete a census form as apart of their civic duty. Once the government receives information, they use what’s taken and allocate funding between communities, provide for the needs of residents, and determine seats the state is given in the House of Representatives. Meanwhile, in Club Penguin, we advise the community partakes in it to understand ourselves better. Off the top of my head, the only similarity a lot of us share is playing this children’s virtual penguin game. However, there might be more we share in common, but I’ll never know. The community has thousands of individuals today, but I don’t have the opportunity to converse with them all. Other reasons are for the higher-ups in the community. Administrators such as our team, army leaders in prominent armies, and even the upcoming rival league are all people who wish to know this community better because their jobs here are to maintain the order and continue the fun for everyone. Census data makes it easier for everyone to commence with decisions as it gives you a better understanding of our community. 

That being said, I would like to proudly announce the Club Penguin Army Census of 2020! Why is it not called CP Army Hub’s Census? Because this is a poll encouraging all members of the community to participate, even if they have a vendetta against CP Army Hub. There are two sections in the form linked below: required questions and optional questions. The required questions ask you more about your army history. As mentioned above, they have to do with when you’ve joined, your first army, etc. On the other hand, the optional ones are optional because they inquire into personal information. No, we are not asking for your address, name,  and credit card information. The personal information has to do with gender, sexual orientation, age, etc. Some people may be reading this and thinking to themselves that it’s sensitive information. Whether a person is willing to answer or not, we respect their decision and make questions such as that one optional. All submitted data through the Google Form will not be shared outside of the administration, and we will use this information to put out graphs/charts/data based on the submissions. 



LEADERS: Please share the form within your armies and encourage your members to make submissions. Historically, the censuses done in the past were successful because army leaders were on board with conducting a census. Post about the form in your announcements and ask your members to answer! 

This post will remain stickied for the next two weeks, or until a great amount of participation is seen on the form. Anyone who is reading the post right now, we encourage that you fill out your information in the given form. If you wish to not publish any personal information, it is requested that you fill out the required form. If you have any questions about the census, please ask the administrators of CP Army Hub.


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 

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