The Red Lightens Up: Bri Promoted To Red Commander In Red Ravagers

SNOWBOUND, Red Ravagers Empire – Exciting changes are approaching the Red Ravagers. Just a short week after Honda’s retirement, a new Red Commander emerges! Who is the latest addition to the leadership? And what are her plans for the future of the Red Ravagers?

The Red Ravagers was created in late May earlier this year by Maxine and Honda. At first, the army mainly consisted of Dark Bandits‘ troops, who switched over after the Bandits shut down. Since then, the Ravvys slowly built their army, hiring experienced staff, and higher command.

They now count an impressive total of seven pieces of land on the CP Army Hub world map. Under Honda and Maxine’s leadership, the Ravagers consistently represented themselves as one of the strongest small/medium armies. Over the summer, they participated in various tournaments and even reached the semi-finals in the Beach Brawl in early August.

Recently, the growth has become rather stagnant and the Ravagers dropped to 9th in the Top Ten after their 2-month-long streak as 8th. On September 17th, Honda stepped down, and shortly thereafter, the army announced a new leader, promoting Bri to Red Commander. Could she be the change the Ravagers needed to help them rise on the leaderboard again?

The Red Ravagers honouring the Bri Emote during a recent event

Bri joined armies in March after being recruited off Club Penguin Online by a member of the Special Weapons and Tactics army. She then briefly switched to the Doritos but found it hard to connect and to fit in in such a big army, which led her to the small/medium community.

Zamb approached Bri in-game on Club Penguin Rewritten and recruited her into the Dark Bandits. In said army, Bri met Honda and Maxine, who informed her of the upcoming plans of creating the Red Ravagers early on. After the Bandits’ closure in May, the duo invited her to join them as a third-in-command.

She swiftly climbed the ranks and finally earned her promotion to Red Commander on September 23rd. Until today, Bri was known for the infamous “bri emotes” circling around in the army community, but can now officially add Red Commander to her resumé.

Maxine announcing Bri’s promotion in the Red Ravagers’ Discord

CP Army Hub had the chance to sit down with Bri for an exclusive interview about her thoughts on the promotion.

Congratulations! How are you feeling? Were you expecting this promotion?

I’m feeling good hahah. Yeah I knew I was being promoted. Max and Honda have always been talking about promoting me and saying as soon as one of them retires I would be leader and such. The only reason I wasn’t immediately promoted to leader after Honda retired from RR was because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be leader. Now that I’ve decided I’ll do it I’m really, really super excited to take on this new role and I have a hot list of new ideas I’m ready to implement.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Do you care to share any of those hot ideas, or are they confidential?
I’ll keep some things underwraps (is this how you say that idk lol) but I’ll share the motivation behind my ideas. I wanna push for more themed events/weeks for sure. I don’t want things to become too stale and repetitive and for our troops to lose interest so I have some ideas on how to spice things up. Another big important thing to me is the feeling of inclusivity and family so I have some ideas on how to get new troops to feel like they belong. I really want the red ravagers to be a place where everyone feels welcomed and like they can vibe, that’s why we created Red Ravagers in the first place after all.
That sounds like fun! Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Yes ahahaha to my Ravvys who will be reading this, thanks for supporting me on this journey. I know with troops as wonderful as yall we’re gonna do amazing and I’m so proud of the great strides RR has made. Also….. LOOK YALL I I DONT THINK I MISSPELLED ANYTHING BUT MY GRAMMER IS PROBABLY TRASH AHAHAH. Dread the Red :rr_bri: :eH:

Bri is clearly excited and ready to take on this new challenge as a leader and already has some spicy new ideas for the army. How will these changes play out? Could Bri and her innovative ideas give the Red Ravagers the needed push to ascend in the Top Ten?

What do YOU think? How will Bri’s promotion affect the army? Let us know YOUR thoughts in your comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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