What Would YOU Do: Co-Leaders Disappearing

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Often, one may find themselves asking what they would do in any given CP Army situation. In this installment of What Would You Do, leaders were asked what they would do if one of their co-leaders were to disappear or leave unannounced.

Numerous armies have more than one leader; such as Special Weapons and Tactics, who currently have 6 leaders, or the Dark Warriors, where they have 4 leaders. Either way, having one or more co-leaders requires all to have trust in one another to complete their responsibilities. With that being said, if one of an army’s leaders were to disappear or simply leave Discord without any warning, it can impact not only the army but their fellow leaders. The rest of the leaders now have to complete the individual’s responsibilities which can be hard knowing that at this time of year, many of us are busy due to school and work. Regardless, if one of an army’s leaders were to leave unannounced, it can certainly be impactful to everyone in the long run.

Army Leaders were asked the following:

What would you do if your co-leader were to disappear or leave unannounced?

CSY, Army of CP’s Leader

First, I’d probably try to reach out via any means possible – discord (i assume if they disappear it means I can’t get into contact with them via discord though), email, or other personal platforms that they might have shared. Then, if I still receive no reply, I’d look at the tasks there were in charge of and redistribute them to other members of higher command to ensure things get done. Hopefully we’ll hear back from them soon – I’m sure is someone disappears/leaves suddenly, there has to be a reason behind it

Cosmo, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Leader

Well, first of all, I’d make sure about the safety of my co-leader who just disappeared unannounced and hope all’s well, secondly, I’d try to comfort them about the situation if they’re able to respond. Then, make a public announcement about it, so the people know that we’re down a leader, next try and figure out what to do next, of course, I’ve no idea what I’d do since this has never happened to me, but I suppose what I’m saying is that I value the safety of my co-leader and I’d wanna make sure that they’re okay if something like this were to take place. Then looking on ahead on what to do from there, depending on the situation of course.

Change, Water Vikings’ Leader

I mean this is an issue that I’ve had to deal with multiple times over the years lmao. people burn out from CPA which is perfectly understandable. I try my best to reach out to them and contact them on whatever socials we share, but in most circumstances, they’d be removed from the leadership after a week-ish on AWOL

Kaliee, Special Weapons and Tactics’ Leader

If one of my co-leaders were to disappear or leave unannounced I wouldn’t be mad at all, this game is very draining and there’s a lot of toxic people here so I would just want to make sure they are okay. It’s always good to have hcom trained and ready for these situations:)

Alex_202, Pizza Federations’ Leader

I would wait maybe a week or so, if they still dont come back id maybe try and ask if anyone knows what happened to them, if theres still nothing i would bring in a new hcom to help fill in

Aisha, Romans’ Leader

If they were to leave unannounced, I’d try to reach to them through DMs or maybe whatever other social media I have them on, if I somehow don’t get a reply, then I’d assume they need time away from Discord or may want to focus on IRL as something may have happened that they have to spend more time out of Discord, therefore I’ll respect their decision and try to get in touch whenever I can. Realistically, there can be many reasons to why a co-leader may leave unannounced, but we’ve got to learn to respect their privacy in a way, even though they may have a high position on a club penguin army. IRL > DISCORD (even doe sometimes even I don’t stick to that but it’s what we should do)

A co-leader disappearing or leaving unannounced seems to be something that isn’t common but has happened in the past. Many of the leaders seem perfectly capable of handling this situation as they would share responsibilities with the higher command or the rest of their leaders. Another thing that was shared in most of these answers was that leaders would attempt to reach out via social media platforms or email in order to ensure that the individual is doing alright. Everyone has a life outside of CP Armies and sometimes personal things come up where they are unable to continue utilizing Discord and upholding their position, which we must respect.

This begs the final question…

What would YOU do if one of your co-leaders were to leave unannounced?


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


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