The Return Into the Light: Zamb Joins Doritos and Light Troops Leadership

Ice Box, Light Troops Empire – An unlikely face has made a reappearance in the leadership of the Light Troops and the Doritos. Why did army veteran Zamb decide to return to the community?

Zamb began his army career in 2013 in the Rebel Penguin Federation. Throughout the years, he’s drifted through many armies, including the Global Defenders, Special Weapons and Tactics, Night Warriors, Doritos, and the Dark Bandits, where he was leader. During the time he resided in an AUSIA time zone, he was also an AUSIA leader for Chaos and the Water Ninjas. Most recently, he led the Elites until their shutdown, reaching the highest max any Elites generation has seen.

The Elites at their largest event, maxing 63

However, Zamb not only has an impressive army history, he also accomplished much in the league aspect. Some of his most notable achievements into the community originated from his work in graphics as well as news sites. For one, he founded the Major Medium Army Central, which was a famous source for AUSIA news. Later on, he would join the board of directors at CP Army League, one of the most influential leagues partnered with CP Online before its shutdown. Around June 2020, Zamb helped to form the league where we reside now: the CP Army Hub.

Under the CP Army Hub, Zamb worked as an Executive Producer before he retired from all army activities in September. His retirement occurred only a few weeks ago, so it’s surprising to see that Zamb has now made a comeback as the leader of not one, but two legendary armies: the Doritos and the Light Troops.

CP Army Hub reached out for an exclusive statement from Zamb on the reasons behind his comeback.

Practically the entire community is aware of your hate for CP Armies. What prompted you to come back after your long-awaited retirement? 

Well, I can reaffirm my hate for armies is as passionate as ever, and will not be going away anytime soon. I do still considered myself somewhat retired, because I don’t plan on having many responsibilities anymore. The Doritos are my home army, and seeing them shutting down (again) does touch my heart somewhat, so I decided to return temporarily to their server and hang around as a leader. As for Light Troops, I’m supervising this generation and want to help in what ways I can without being directly involved. HOWEVER, If I’m being honest, I just want an interview on CPAH :sunglasses:

Congrats on getting your interview! How long do you plan to stick around?

At the Doritos, until they shut down or I’m removed from my position, but at the Light Troops, I’m currently filling in for the brief absence of one of the current leaders. Until they’re able to lead or someone fills the gap, I’ll be taking on this position.

Looks like you’re stuck for at least a little while, haha. The community must be curious to know, will you be returning to CP Army Hub anytime soon to resume your role as an Executive Producer or Graphic Designer?

Never. As much as I enjoyed my time at the CP Army Hub as both an Executive Producer and a Graphic Designer, unfortunately, I have no plans on returning. Both by choice, and also other reasons. I may not be in the staff listed as a designer, but I still work with my best friend Eric Adam Koloway to make the latest designs on the website. I’ve had my share of contributions over there, fucked up on a good amount of Top Tens, helped with decisions that would shape the league, and my most recent project: the 2020 Census. I’d like to thank the current administration for having me on board with them, but I think they can manage fine. Besides, down with CPAH!

Any last thoughts or comments you want to share with the community?

I am zambi, i have been in club penguin armies since 2013 and the first thing i learned here was not to fear anyone or anything. i enrolled in the rebel penguin federation and fought alongside sir pj and elmikey to earn a coveted member spot, before i left for more opportunities on the battlefield. i’ve met with countless commanders such as waterkid100, roberto, pungy, and others who’ve taught me crucial information to protect both myself and what i believe in on the harsh war ridden lands of club penguin. i’ve participated in the christmas chaos and the multiple invasions of tuxedo, and the rebel penguin federation has always prevailed. why should i be scared of a dorito, i worked with the great badboy and made it back alive. i flew out to the invasion of fjord and held my own against several nacho officers who’ve tried to have me eradicated multiple times. my greatest tenure was at the night warriors where i learned to be my own leader taught by drake and xxtoysoldier, two men who’ve suvived countless battles in the club penguin warfare community. under their leadership, i’ve learned how to recruit and enlist several members, do tactics in chat, and have responsibilities. i came into this club penguin cpps era expecting that these skills i’ve attained would lead me to greatness, only to find out that the army aspect is gone. regardless, i am not scared of a man who can read logs and a channel, i am zambi4 and i am a veteran of several world wars in club penguin. do not try to test me, i will assure you that you will not leave unscathed for i am a guerilla in rooms from the town, to the box dimension, to even the ice berg.

It appears that Zamb is still as army-phobic as ever. However, his love for the Doritos and Light Troops have prompted him to take on a temporary leadership position, albeit with minimum work. Nevertheless, this isn’t permanent, and Zamb will unfortunately not be resuming any other army positions. What will come in the future with Zamb supervising the Light Troops? How did he get dragged back in despite all his best efforts; will this happen again in the future? Perhaps only time can tell.

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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