Know Your Army Meme: Doritos of Club Penguin

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Welcome to the latest edition of Know Your Army Meme, this time written by Associate Producer Sophie while Editor-in-Chief Scorpion Demon enjoys his much-deserved vacation. In this column, we examine the meme culture and inside jokes that frequent every army. Today, the star of our show is the Doritos. What kinds of crunchy jokes will they bring to the table?

This issue of Know Your Army Meme presents a closer look into the big orange family that is the Doritos. The Doritos are a major powerhouse that frequents the top 3 of the Top Ten, boasting large maxes and victory after victory during their peak. Unfortunately, just days ago, Doritos leader Meerrkat has announced they will be shutting down this Saturday due to a decline in activity in their leadership and HCOM. Nevertheless, although the army will be shutting down, their jokes and the memes they’ve shared will live on. I took the opportunity to interview Bam, Rah, Leila, Andreia, and Aisha on the Doritos’ meme culture.

Which is your favorite meme from your time in the Doritos?

Leila: ooo this question is tough. there are so many amazing things that happen in DCP, but i feel like we are well known for our typos for sure. we even had an award for best speller and aisha won that easily. it’s taken so many turns like that and also someone actually changed my custom role to “dcp besst soeller” for a bit. and the best part is how we bully eachother for spelling things wrong. it’s what bring us together.

A meme about Aisha’s poor but hilarious spelling

Rah: Dang, there are countless memes and inside jokes within the army. My favorite meme would definitely have to be where 32 questioned on why we maxed low on a event one time. A few months back, staff and fellow members had the idea of hosting a pookie themed event since we thought it would be fun and nostalgic. However, we didnt realize how many people actually hated pookies and didn’t want to dress up as one LOL. We questioned why everybody did not attend but it was due to the fact of Pookies LOL

Pookies are why we can’t have nice things

Andreia: haha this is an hard question. tbf we’ve had so many good as well as funny moments together since I joined I can’t even remember them all LOL. From all the fun CPArmies meetups we had together, the fashion shows, the crazy voice calls, Rah yawning while leading the events, Africa and her ‘TikTok addiction’ lmaoo, to Maroon being called a stinky head by literally everybody. Well, I personally think the best DCP related meme we’ve had so far was probably when 32 said ‘GRACIAS TO DCP!’ to welcome some new spanish troop, as a welcome message, during an event. It then for a known reason became a meme in DCP haha. We are the absolute best at Spanish, no cap LOL. oh can’t forget to mention about the Rahop emoji 😀

The birth of the “gracias to DCP” meme from 32op’s Spanish blunder

Aisha: bruh like defo what leila said LMAO i get bullied but it makes people laugh. the amount of memes i get made of me…I am the meme :pensive: i get bullied for finding some fruits scary

Aisha’s definition of scary fruit

All these memes and screenshots were taken by Satchmo, one rude, mean, bully and someone who i personally feel like should be banned from all of CPA, BULLYING ISN’T TOLERATED

Doritos seem to have lots of excellent spellers, but who is the best among them?

Andreia: We sure do lmaoo, I’d say either Aisha or Leila. Both of them misspell words 24/7 and we find that hella funny. We once joked around telling them they needed an auto correct for their pc. It even got to a point where neither Leila nor Aisha could spell anything correctly, which made us want to make a special role for them only, called ‘dcp besst soeller’, as they kept misspelling every single word all the time. However it started rubbing off on everyone, but mostly on Candy. Their typos make it really difficult to understand what they’re trying to say, not only for us but the entire DCP community bahah. We consider Aisha, Leila and Candy the ‘Best Spelling Gang’.

Aisha’s spelling trophy

Can you explain the Rah mopping meme?

Leila: rahs mopping is legendary, you can see her mopping up messy chats in every server. we have a gang in DCP for this great woman. :gottamopfast:

Rah: This is a fun story. Back in like Feburary, a former DCP HCOM generously gifted me Nitro and I discovered the mop emote. Back when CPOAL was still a thing, there were always controversies or fights between members, battles verdicts, etc. To lessen the toxicity, I’d get people to spam the chat with mop emotes haha. It got so frequent to the point where CPOAL disabled using emotes from other servers because they found it annoying LOL. Cliff made that meme of me since I always chill back whenever drama happens. I made it into a “gang” onto the DCP server and that’s how the army, Janitors, was inspired to be born.

What is Rhodesia?

Bam: Rhodesia is a former African country (now Zimbabwe) that was feed to the wolves by every other nation. We started a cult personality on it because all communists deserve to DIE. So basically Jester and I started spamming the shit out of rhodesians memes and old war videos because they are the most based army in history. then we made a division under it.

Rah: Tbh I don’t really know what Rhodesia even is. One day I came into chat to see Jester, Bam and others representing Rhodesia. They even made a role, and army out of it LOL. You can always catch them spamming the Rhodesia flag in chat haha

For Rhodesia

Who are the Bam’s Boys?

Bam: Bams boys seems to be my very own cult, it was mostly started as a joke that I favor some over others. Now “Bam’s Boys” runs rampant with extra roles and harass as many HCOM as possible. The noticeably large buff naked orange penguin is the signature of this incredible team. But basically the boys rip on anyone that isn’t apart of it and meme the hell out of people (I also show favoritism because they are better than the rest).

An extra large Bams Boys graphic for your viewing pleasure

Who is the person who gets meme-ed upon the most in Doritos?

Aisha: OMDS u dont understand ((unless ur active in DCP) you litralllyyy dont understand how much i get bullied for my typos its honestly sad, like legit sometimes i’d have to take forever to type sumn cuz theyd TAKE THE PISS OUT OF ME and especially when the top letters of my keyboard and they don’t believe me :pensive: i’ve had loads of memes made about my typos and PEOPLE screenshotting what i send them on snap WHETHER THAT BE TYPING IN EMOJIS ON ACCIDENT OR THREATENING someone, but i swear yall im a nice and polite person…. i swear :flushed:

Aisha being bullied by her friends

Andreia: LOL I can’t choose between the four of them but it would definitely have to be Aisha, Satchmo, Maroon and Leila!! Aisha is pretty much the spelling QUEEN there already, we love making fun of her spelling mistakes and the fact that she talks in caps most of the time BAHAH. Sad not sad truth is that we even got to make her an emoji just to make fun of her spelling LOL. In second we have Satch. He’s already been banned over 30 times in DCP lmao. Tbh he’s done so much shit but he’s always been really funny towards us. He fills up chat with memes and he’s constantly making fun of me, but it’s Satch, what do we expect LMAO. We’ve made tons of emojis just to make fun of him but overall he’s a nice guy. Oh well Maroon is always making fun of us as well LOL, some people find him scary haha but he’s funny af ngl, we have also made some memes out of their jokes. Ahh lastly we have Leila, she’s always been so sweet to us. We love making fun of her typos because apparently ‘she can’t spell’ LOLL. Fun story, she once got drunk and fell down the stairs. Surprisingly someone got to take a picture of her falling down the stairs on the exact moment so we decided to make it into an emoji and it kind of became a meme in DCP haha. they will always have a place in my heart:heart:

Bam: Yeah Aisha gets meme’d a lot but andreia also got followed by several random multilog accounts with the exact same name as her lmao (obliviously someone’s out to get her)

Rah: The person who gets memed the most would most definitely be Aisha or Leila. We always make a meme out of every simple thing they do and it always brings the army great laughter. Maroon is also a good candidate since we tend to make fun of how stinky be is pretty often LOL

It appears that the shutdown of the army has done nothing to tear apart the bond the Doritos family has made with each other. After all, all these months of friendship can hardly be replaced nor shaken because of the dissolving of an army. With jokes aplenty and an abundance of laughter to go around, it appears that the Doritos have a truly rich meme culture. Unfortunately, that brings us to the end of today’s Know Your Army Meme. Have a couple more memes before you go!

Classic division rivalry

Everything is Bam

Mop mop mop


CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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