Planetary Practice Battle: Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Ice Warriors

SUMMIT, Battleground – Today the Ice Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation engaged in another legendary practice battle. However, this one wasn’t quite like their previous face-offs. What exactly happened on the battlefield today?

On September 26th, the Ice Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation participated in a thrilling practice battle. In this shocking event, the Warriors’ Polar division teamed up with the Federation’s Air Force under the alias of Team Mercury to face off against Team Venus, composed of the other two divisions: the Ice Warriors’ Blizzard division and the Rebel Penguin Federation’s Navy. Although the Rebels reached a peak size of 75 with the Warriors following behind at 40 troops, the new creation of teams designed between the two armies produced two sides with an almost identical number of troops. Even with similar sizes, one division was able to win the battle today due to their stunning speed and neat forms. Who might this be?

[Inside Mine]

Both armies entered this room with spectacular word bombs. Venus successfully covered their opponent and formed a quick upside-down V while Mercury followed with a clean anchor. Venus’s size advantage certainly stood out, but despite this, Mercury redeemed themselves with their speedy tactics and clean formations. Both divisions did an amazing job, earning themselves a tie for this room.

Mercury vs. Venus in the first room: Inside Mine


After an exciting first room, both divisions then proceeded to enter the Docks with strong bombs. Shortly after arriving, the armies quickly stepped into a plus formation with both sides trying to cover the other. Although Mercury put up a great fight, Venus’s neat forms and startling speed allowed them to gain the upper hand and cover their opponent. Due to their choice of forms and faster tactics, Team Venus was able to cover Mercury for the majority of the time, thus seizing victory in the second room.

Mercury vs. Venus in the second room: Docks


To finish things off, both armies rushed to the Iceberg. Unfortunately, Mercury’s bomb was completely covered by Venus as they entered into an X form. Mercury followed them with their own plus but was hidden once again. Venus outshone the opposing division throughout the whole room with cleaner forms, creative tactics, and faster speed. With that, Team Venus won the third and final room.

Mercury vs. Venus in the third room: Iceberg

Although both Mercury and Venus put up a spectacular fight, only one was able to come out victorious. Due to their speed and cleaner forms, Venus ended the practice battle by winning with a 2-0-1 score.  Congratulations to Venus!

The judges’ verdict

After a fabulous practice battle between the Ice Warriors’ and the Rebel Penguin Federation’s divisions, Team Venus was able to clinch the victory for today. With a most stunning performance from both divisions, it will certainly be interesting to watch how these armies will fare in the future battles to come!

What do YOU think about this practice battle? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


CP Army Hub Reporter


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