What Happened In The 2011 and 2014 Army Community Census?

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Cassie’s Desk – In the fifteen or so years since the creation of armies, the community regularly displayed an ever-changing set of demographics. Even in three years, the army community saw huge changes. How did the community grow?

CP Army Hub just released the third CP Army Census. Make sure to fill it out!

210 members filled out the first CP Army Central community census. In the second, a whopping 393. In just three years, the CP Army Central census saw a rise of nearly 200 in its census — what else changed?

First CPAC census disclaimer

The first census was released in 2011. The community at the time gave an enthusiastic response, displayed by the variety of demographics in the survey responses. From 2005-2011, the community saw a mixture of veterans and newer recruits from all over the world, though CP Army Central admits it was more veterans. After this, the census dove into army affiliations.

Army affiliations/troop count in first census

The Army of Club Penguin held a huge influence on the first army census, comparative to the influence they have today. Although we are only showing four, this portion had 23 total options for army affiliations. Out of these, only six of them still exist today. After this question, the 2011 census finished. However, that was not the end of CP Army Central’s censuses…

CP Army Census: Take Two

The second CP Army Census was released three years later! 2014 brought the census nearly 200 more participants. Not only did this one expand the community, but its formatting also changed drastically.

Second CPAC census

Compared to the first census, the second showed a new side of what an army census could be. However, like the first, this census showed a variety of participants — brand new troops and long-term veterans coming together to make up CP armies. After this, the army affiliation portion changed as well. Today’s Top Ten dominators, the Rebel Penguin Federation, took up a small percentage of the first census. The second census brought them up to a whopping 10% as people’s first army, and 7% current affiliation. Adding on, the Ice WarriorsDoritosDark Warriors, and Special Weapons and Tactics all found a spot on the census results.

In addition to army statistics, the second census looked at who troops were. The community was dominated by the EST timezone, as it likely still is. In an optional portion, the survey revealed that men were the majority in the community. Readers found out that the average army age was 14 years old. Straight people were the vast majority, a whopping 94% of the community — something that would likely change today. After a few more optional questions, the 2014 census concluded.

Second CPAC census sign-off

Although there was not a 2017 census, Bluesockwa’s hope that armies would last came true. It is 2020 and armies are still here and thriving. Where will we go from here? How many people will participate in our 2020 census? How would those results differ from the 2011 and 2014 results? We will have to wait and see!

What do YOU think? How do the old results compare to today’s community? Let us know in the comments!

CP Army Hub Vice President


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