Top Ten Armies [9/20/20-9/26/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – As September draws to a close, we see a shock rise into the top three.

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♦ 1. Rebel Penguin Federation [99.32]

2. Doritos of Club Penguin [96.00]

3. Elites [86.3] 

4. Ice Warriors [84.51] 

 5. Army of Club Penguin [76.55]

6Help Force [76.39]

7. Water Vikings [74.34]

8Special Weapons and Tactics [57.70]

9. Army of the Orient Seas [53.39]

 10. Templars [49.80]

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1. Rebel Penguin FederationThe Rebel Penguin Federation had an incredible week with a jaw-dropping twelve events. On Monday they held the AUSIA event, Operation: The Entire Circus, with a clown theme, as well as Operation: Buffle Bizza, a division battle based on the famous RPF joke. They maxed 43 and 53, respectively. The next day, the Rebels held a US event, bidding farewell to Lance and Rocket, two of the Federation’s treasured Third in Commands, who have made the unfortunate decision to retire. On Tuesday, the Rebels had yet another two events, the first being an AUSIA stamp event with a 51 max. The second one was Operation: Abracadabra, a magical wizard event which saw sizes of 50 troops. As usual, they had their midweek EU event on Wednesday, this week with a Willy Wonka theme. 55 Rebels logged on for this event. Thursday saw another EU event, Operation: Twin Strike, where 53 members of the Air Force and Navy prepared for their practice battle with the Ice Warriors on Saturday. On Friday, the Rebels held another two events. First came the AUSIA Operation: Yay or Neigh, which saw 56 Rebels sporting funky horse costumes. Next was Operation: Speed Demons with 50 troops in their best car costumes. On Saturday, the Rebels held one last AUSIA training in preparation for their practice battle against the Ice Warriors, maxing 37. Then, after a long-awaited week, the Ice Warriors’ Polar division teamed up with the Rebels’ Air Force as Team Mercury to face off Team Venus, composed of the Ice Warriors’ Blizzard division and the Federation’s Navy. The Rebels maxed 75 troops in total, with the end result being a Team Venus victory, successfully concluding the Rebel’s week with a bang.

2. Doritos of Club PenguinThe Doritos held only one event this week. They held their final AUSIA event of this generation as they plan on closing on Sunday. They maxed an astonishing 103 for their only event of the week.

3. ElitesThe Elites closed with 63 penguins in attendance at their final event.


4. Ice WarriorsThe Ice Warriors had an exciting week of icy events! They maxed 45 during their AUSIA practice battle against the Templars to kick off their week. Next, they maxed 40 in a practice battle against Los Facheros. During their U-Lead event, the Ice Warriors maxed 49. They held another practice battle against the Templars, this time unscheduled, maxing 43. IW maxed 45 during a racing event. Finally, they maxed 40 during their mixed division practice battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation.

5. Army of Club PenguinThe Army of Club Penguin had quite an interesting week with their costumed-themed takeovers and battles. They first started off with a Clown and Golden Bumper Car takeover on CPR, maxing 40 for both events. They then had an AUSIA Horse takeover on CPR, keeping up with their max of 40 streaks. They then munched some popcorn on CPR, in a Popcorn takeover with 46 troops in attendance. The army then threw it back with a Xat-lead event on CP Armies, maxing 37. To kick off some excitement, they hosted an Alpha vs. Echo Battle on CP Armies, maxing 49. Following after, they held an AUSIA Legend lead event on CP Armies, maxing 26. To conclude the week, the army had a PoG lead event on CP Armies, maxing 40 respectively.

6. Help ForceThe Help Force began their busy week on Monday with a EU Popcorn takeover, where they saw 38 troops attend. 2 days later, on Wednesday, the Helpers held an AUSIA Stamp Fiesta where they maxed with 55. Later in the same day, the army held an EU Clown takeover, which maxed 43. Their next series of events was on Friday where they held an AUSIA O Berry takeover and a EU Bucket Hat takeover. These events maxed 36 and 48 respectively. The next day, on Saturday, the army held an AUSIA Practice Battle against the Army of Orient Seas where they won while bringing a max of 54. Their final event was later on in the day, in which they held a US Grape Takeover which saw a max of 33.

7. Water VikingsWith no end to the Eagre Foray in sight just yet, the Water Vikings had another eventful week. Although they were originally scheduled to invade SWAT on the 21st, a late judge request voided the invasion and they hosted an AUSIA training instead, maxing 22. The following day, they made attempt number two and invaded Cozy in an AUSIA battle with a size of 21 troops. Afterward, they switched to the defensive, battling to keep their possession of Ice Cave with 34 Vikings, but unfortunately losing. Now on attempt number three of the week, the Vikings invaded Cozy with a max of 37, this time finally succeeding. The next day was supposed to be an invasion of White Out, however, it was switched to a practice battle, where they maxed 38. Mere hours later, they defended their server Fiesta against SWAT, with an astounding size of 40 Vikings. To conclude their week with a bang, they invaded SWAT for the server White Out, once again maxing 40 and winning the battle in a clean 3-0 sweep.

8. Special Weapons and TacticsSpecial Weapons and Tactics had a week full of battles against the Water Vikings! They kicked it off with the AUSIA battle for Cozy with a max of 20 penguins. The same day, they successfully invaded WV’s Ice Cave with a max of 30 bushes. The next day, SWAT defended Cozy with a max of 26 Albertos. On Thursday, they suited up for a training event where they maxed 26. They invaded WV’s Fiesta, maxing 27. Finally, SWAT maxed 20 while defending White Out.

9. Army of the Orient SeasThe Army of the Orient Seas held a total of three events this week. The first half of the week was spent in AUSIA trainings, maxing 15 in the first and 21 in the second. Their week culminated in an AUSIA practice battle against the Help Force, maxing an impressive 33.

10. TemplarsThe Templars began their week with an AUSIA battle against the Ice Warriors, maxing 14. They then held another battle against the Ice Warriors with a size of 25 penguins. A battle with the Dark Warriors saw 16 penguins in attendance, and an RFCP battle witnessed a stated max of 34.


Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


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