Elites Forces Shut And Merge Into Silver Empire

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Elite Forces Empire – The ‘September Drop’ has claimed another victim as the Elite Forces announce their shutdown and merge into the Silver Empire.

The Elite Forces officially opened on the 24th of  July, created by TD999 with the help of founding members Dman642 and Davubavu, with the great hopes of growing into a major army. Since, they have been hosting events frequently as well as participating in many battles.

During their opening event, they saw a size of eleven, and since their creation, they have mostly remained at sizes below ten, but have managed to reach fifteenth in the Army Hub small-medium listings. Throughout their time open, the Elite Forces maintained a powerful alliance bond between them and the Silver Empire.

Elite Forces opening event.

On the 27th of September, Elite Forces leader TD999 announced the closure of the Elite Forces and merge into the Silver Empire. The announcement also stated that he and Davubavu would be retiring from armies. They released the announcement due to the real lives of the leaders and members becoming busy, causing a drop in activity.

The announcement by TD999.

To gain more insight into the matter, the CP Army Hub reached out to Dman64w for an interview.

Why did you decide to merge the Elite Forces? Will you join leadership at Silver Empire?

With the September drop it was becoming difficult for us to manage the army effectively, as well as create time to host events when in the middle of, say, a homework assignment or at a time when most of your army is available. Myself and Doc quickly became busy as we returned to school, and we knew that we couldn’t manage EFCP alone. After failing to be colonized, merging was the next best thing seeing as this army was created after merging 3 armies together. Only makes sense to end how we started.

As of right now the plan is that I will be the only director movie to SE, and I will be joining their HCOM team and assisting Amber with her events whenever possible. My aim for that is to ensure that those living in EU timezones are equally benefitted with events and the like as our friends in the US.

What was your favorite moment while the army was open?

I think my favourite moment was that one time we got the army on the S/M Top Ten list. Granted we only placed #15 at that time but it was something special for us, considering at the time I was the one mainly hosting the events xD

Do you plan on reviving the army in the future?

I personally don’t have any plans to start another army myself for a long while. Both Amber and I already know that I won’t be as active in SE HCOM already due to my start in my A-Level subjects, especially as it was the main reason I left SubZero Army League. However it is a possibility that the army may come back one day, and if not then perhaps one of the founding armies that merged into it; either the biscuits, the simps or the hold bugs.

Although the army has shut down due to the real lives of its members becoming too hectic, it may very well re-emerge in the future. Is this the last we shall hear of the Elite Forces?
What do YOU think? Will the Elite Forces return a later date? How will this merge affect the Silver Empire? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!
CP Army Hub Reporter

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