Tensions Rise Between Dark Warriors and Water Vikings; Conflict On The Horizon?

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – Only 24 hours after accepting SWAT’s remaining land following the war defeat to the Water Vikings, the Dark Warriors now seem poised to retaliate in what could be another potential war for the Water Vikings.

After a month of raging war, endless fighting and tireless work, the Water Vikings may be close to facing yet another tussle with an army in the league as tensions between themselves and the Dark Warriors have risen. The Water Vikings’s victory this weekend in the ‘Eagre Foray‘ war with Special Weapons and Tactics resulted in SWAT transferring all of their remaining land to one of their closest allies – the Dark Warriors. In response to SWAT’s actions, one of the Water Viking leaders, Change, spoke to CP Army Hub in an exclusive interview yesterday in a post concluding the fighting with SWAT and his reaction to the way the war had ended.

Change spoke about the Dark Warriors’ decision to “sandwich themselves” between the two armies, being surprised by how Dark Warriors felt confident enough to do so despite their “recent performances.” Only a couple of sentences from the blue army’s leader was enough to awaken the Dark Warriors high command, with Warriors Leader Freezie letting the entire army know about the comments in a sharp announcement. The message received over 50 reactions in the first hour, a clear indication that the Warriors are feeling ready to bite back at the army in blue.

Dark Warriors’ announcements channel in response to the Water Vikings

The Dark Warriors have fought the Water Vikings on two occasions this year, and both results ended in similar fashion. Firstly a thumping 3 – 0 demolition of the seamen in the Legends Cup X Quarter Finals back in June, then a repeat of the same scoreline in late August after a practice battle. In the context of a potential war, the Dark Warriors’ reasons for accepting SWAT’s servers seems justifiable. With the likely chance of further battling around the corner, the Water Vikings will have to hope that history doesn’t repeat itself if they are to continue their war streak going.

The last encounter between both armies saw the Dark Warriors coming out on top

The Club Penguin Army Hub managed to catch up to Freezie not long after his powerful announcement to the Dark Warriors public about his thoughts on the prospect of war.

Looking at the reaction from the Dark Warriors troops to your announcement, what are your main thoughts and plans for this potential war?

50+ reacts within an hour, its what I expect. Water Vikings think that picking 1 US event during the week where we maxed 27 (and one I wasn’t even in attendance at) is enough to start judging Dark Warriors. At the majority of our events, we don’t drop below 35, people just don’t see it because we don’t post our events for the Top 10.

Was it solely based on Change’s comments in the interview that caused this conflict or were there other contributing factors?

They’ve been making jabs towards Dark Warriors throughout their war with SWAT because a couple of our troops went to help SWAT, when over half of their attendees were either Doritos ,the Army of Club Penguin or Lime Green Army or whatever.

What are your expectations for the next couple of days? If the war starts, will the fighting start quickly and how do you foresee results going?

I told them to pull up. They can make the first move if they’re content with talking trash without backing it up. It would be easy to invade them right now and clear them out in a week or two after their long war, so we’re prepared for whatever they wanna throw at us. Dark Warriors weren’t the ones trying to bite off more than they can chew. We’ll be ready if they want to invade us in the future.
For a different perspective, CP Army Hub also caught up with Water Vikings Leader Pjayo for a statement about his thoughts on the possible war.
As much as I’m sure some of Dark Warriors want a war, quite honestly I’m not interested. Fact of the matter is, not only are we all still reeling from SWAT’s defeat, but CP Army Hub has a lot planned for the future of armies. I personally have something big planned that should be ready either this week or the next, that should hopefully spark some life into this thing. While traditionally sure a war would be great, with the toxic **** flinging of the last war still fresh in everyone’s memories, I think it’s a bit irresponsible to just throw our weight at Dark Warriors. Ultimately, I don’t think anything big is going to come of this, and partially, I’m hoping nothing does come of it. Everyone has different priorities right now. Although if Dark Warriors want to have a Practice Battle then I’m all ears for it. I just don’t think now is a good time for war. Flash is closing, there’s the ongoing doxing spree that regrettably hit SWAT, tournaments are coming, and we’re in the midst of the September drop. It’s just not worth it right now.
It appears that at least Pjayo is not interested in war, and Dark Warriors are ready for whatever comes in their way should the Water Vikings want to continue with the aggression they showed against SWAT. The contrast between both Change and Pjayo is very clear, and maybe something that is yet to be cleared up with the High Command of the horned sea-goers. Will this war take place or are the Water Vikings too tired to continue following their victory against SWAT?
What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!
CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee

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