Light Troops Leadership Welcomes Former Dorito Lukey

ICE BOX, Light Troops Empire – The recently revived Light Troops have shown great promise since their re-opening event. In their latest move, the army inducted the former Tamales commander Lukey into the leadership.

The Light Troops were founded in early 2011, by Club Penguin armies legend loioluk. Under his leadership, the army quickly rose to become a major power in the community. Throughout the years of 2011 – 2017, the army maintained their dominant presence despite several obstacles. After two shutdowns, their most recent revival has seen a completely new generation of leaders. The Light Troops had a very impressive revival event, maxing 30 on the Spanish CPPS SuperCP. The latest leader of this brand new generation is Lukey.

Light Troops Revival Event, Max 30

Lukey’s time in the army community is quite interesting and diverse. He first joined armies in February 2020. Lukey lead the Water Troops into battle against the Coup Crusaders, maxing roughly 30. Lukey continued to lead when the Water Troops and the People’s Imperial Confederation merged to form the Tamales. He helped the army reach sizes of 10, despite not being as active as he was before. After the Tamales shut down, Lukey joined the Doritos of Club Penguin as 4ic until he was informed of the recent Light Troops revival. He messaged Jester, the leader who re-launched the army, about joining as a HCOM member.

The CP Army Hub team caught up with Lukey for an interview about his promotion to leadership.

What made you decide to become a leader of Light Troops?

Well a lot of the leadership including Jester were very busy with real life responsibilities. They couldn’t lead the army so they decided to promote me and I accepted.

Do you think your experience will benefit Light Troops?

Yes, I’ve learned a lot over the past few months and the thing LT needs most are active leaders, I feel I can fill those shoes.

What do you hope to accomplish in your future endeavors?

We are hoping LT can make a legitimate push in the major TT. We are also the only army actively using SuperCP and we are looking to grow our community through that CPPS.

Do you see yourself leading Light Troops over a long period of time?

Hopefully yes, the only reason I’ll leave is if LT gets shut down or if I can’t balance my in real life responsibilities.

Lukey is very passionate about his new position and seems to be completely ready to restore Light Troops to its former glory. Will Light Troops grow to be a major army under his leadership? How will the rest of the Light Troops react to this promotion? Will Lukey be able to handle the pressure of being an army leader once again? The future of the Light Troops seems to be very exciting.

What do YOU think? Will Lukey return the glory to the light? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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