Army of CP Host 14th Anniversary Celebrations

MAMMOTH, Army Of Club Penguin Capital – The Army of CP are the first to hit the 14th anniversary milestone, and they celebrated in a spectacular fashion. 

The Army Of Club Penguin was created on September 29th, 2006, by Oagalthorp, and is the oldest army in the Club Penguin community. They reached their fourteen birthday yesterday, exactly one year after their private server revival. After closing at the same time as the original Club Penguin game in March 2017, they were revived by Panel of Guardian member Mchappy. Since then they have thrived, accumulating nearly 5,500 Discord members, reaching the number one ranking spot several times, and even managed to win the 2019/20 Holiday Championships. 

The Army of CP celebrating their 14th Birthday with a ‘Prom & Party’ event.

They kicked off their ‘anniversary week’ celebrations last Thursday, holding a ‘Throwback Xat-Lead‘ event which many of their members seemed to throughly enjoy. They also hosted an array of ‘Legend Lead‘ events, including a division battle between former leaders Sidie9 and Kailey. Here, the Alpha and Echo teams went head-to-head, but the close battle resulted in a tie. An ‘AUSIA’ division ‘Legend Lead‘ saw Sidie9 lead again, but this time with former colleague Bam, another former ACP leader and legend.

Panel of Guardian member Mchappy led the force in a ‘PoG Lead‘ event Saturday, before the Army of CP soldiers came together to battle their allies in an event pitched as the ‘Big Birthday Battle‘. They were joined by the Water Vikings, Crimson Guardians, Silver Empire, Pizza Federation and Red Ravagers.

ACP’s ‘Big Birthday Battle’ with allies.

Their week of celebrations concluded yesterday, as they hosted a ‘Prom & Party’ event for their members. It was at this party that they managed to break their CPPS size record, as a recorded 88 Army of CP members attended the event, beating their previous record of 80 penguins against the Ice Warriors in the Legends Cup X.

There is no doubt the Army of CP are ecstatic following their exciting birthday celebrations, but what could be next for them? And what will they find themselves doing as they look forward to their 15th anniversary celebrations next year?


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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  1. Happy birthday ACP! ❤


  2. Happy 14th ACP<3 !!


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