Out Of The Shadows: Dark Champions Join Army Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Dark Champions’ Empire – After the sudden news of the merge between the Superstars and Dark Champions midst revival, we take a closer look at the army that has come out of the shadows. What was the reason behind the Dark Champions’ revival?

The Dark Champions made their arrival in the army community back in early 2013 led by founders Arceus1296 (Simmonds2000) and James18120. Starting off as just exciting banter, both creators never anticipated reaching impressive and consistent sizes for a small/medium army. After experiencing a demoralizing deface, the army came back stronger than ever and managed to maintain sizes of 20+. In addition, this achievement landed them a consistent Top 3 spot on the SM Army Central’s army ranking.

The early era of the Dark Champions

Upon launching into their first-generation, the Orange Defenders declared war on them. Determined to take all their land, the Orange Defenders were relentless in their pursuit, but the Dark Champions successfully defended all three invasions. With their plan backfiring, this resulted in the Orange Defenders raising the white flag. Despite the Dark Champions’ achievements, the first generation eventually died out due to inactivity in June 2013. The army rose for a second time in February 2014, under the original creators’ leadership. However, the generation struggled due to inactivity again and has rested since then.

On September 30th, news broke out that the Superstars were closing their doors to merge into the Dark Champions, who were in the course of their revival. Furthermore, a post was released on the Dark Champions website, mentioning their comeback with permission from the creators and details about their goals with the army. The 3rd generation leadership of the army consists of AustinFraud, Simmonds2000, Overload, and Twice. All are highly experienced individuals who have come together to form an effective powerhouse.

Announcement of revival on Dark Champions’ website

CP Army Hub managed to snag an exclusive interview with AustinFraud about the revival of the Dark Champions. We sat down with him to learn more details about this exciting process and hear his thoughts about the comeback.

What made you come to the decision to revive the Dark Champions?

I and a few of my friends wanted to create an army of our own, but I was not interested in creating an army. So we all decided it would be great to revive an S/M army. That was when the concept of reviving Dark Champions hit me, I immediately went to Simmonds2000 for permission to revive the army and he granted me permission to revive the army.

Should we be aware of any future plans moving forward?

For now, all I can say is that the community should expect some twists and turns from us.

Do you think the Dark Champions will strive under your and your other co-leaders’ leadership?

I do think Dark Champions will strive under me and my co-leaders. They have experience in leading successful armies, and they will be trained by Simmonds to improve on their speed, decision making, etc. With Simmonds in our leadership, we truly are overpowered.

Any final comments you’d like to add?

We are not a knockout version of Dark Warriors. It’s just a name, deal with it.

Above all, the Dark Champions seem to have a promising future, especially with their ambitious leadership that they have established. Austin expressed that the army should be something the community should definitely be on the lookout for. Without a doubt, they tend to have something up their sleeves. Furthermore, the army appears destined to grow as they continue with training and support from staff members. With this plan in action, will the army actually be the champions of the dark? 

What do YOU think? How will the Dark Champions get by this generation? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below.


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