Superstars Merge Into Dark Champions Midst Revival

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Superstars Empire – The Superstars had a long rest since the beginning of this month. Now, it seems that the September Drop has claimed its last victim.

The Superstars became an official army on June 14th, created by Twice, with the help of Bash and Kook. They first started the army for people who like K-pop and Anime, but expanded it to Sports-related topics and Hollywood entertainment to make the community more inclusive. They would have occasional practice battles with their allies. However, the most notable piece of their achievements was the war between them and the Special Weapons and Tactics which included several battles. The Superstars, despite losing the war, put up a valiant fight, giving SWAT a run for their money several times. In their opening event they saw a size of twelve penguins, and after being official, they remained fairly active until the end of August. In their war, they made strong alliances with armies such as the Red Ravagers, the Fighter Pilots, and several others.

On September 28th, their leader Kook announced their shutdown. As she stated, they made the decision to merge into an unofficial army called Dark Champions The reason for this was mentioned to be the real life issues of the Leaders and High Command and their activity dropping to zero.

Superstars will certainly be remembered in the hearts of many of their troops and the community. Their departure is most unfortunate and yet another lamentable loss to the September Drop. To gain more information about the matter, the CP Army Hub reached out to Kook for an interview.

Why did you merge the Superstars with the Dark Champions? Will you join their leadership?

Superstars took a massive break after the SWAT situation and our leaders and staff have been busy with school and their personal lives this past month. So we decided it would be best if we merged with Dark Champions to have a strong start during our revival of the army and to give our amazing members a new home. I’m currently LIT and hopefully will become an official leader in the near future.

What was your favorite moment in Superstars?

One of my favorite moments has to be the SWAT events, it brought so many of our members and allies together and we had tons of fun even if it resulted in us losing. I never would’ve expected to meet so many amazing people through Club Penguin.

Do you have plans about reviving the army in the future?

Possibly, Superstars was my first leading experience and it definitely holds a spot in my heart. If Dark Champions ends up collapsing or if I can find a new group of staff and leaders that are willing to help then reviving it is for sure an option in the future.

The Superstars’ decision to merge with the Dark Champions seems to be unanimous so far. Despite their grief for their army which will be no more, the Superstars look ready to help the Dark Champions rise once again. The leaders of the Superstars need time for their real life issues, however, there is a chance they may return in the future. Will this be the end for the legacy of the Superstars?

What is YOUR opinion? Do you think they will come back? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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