Know Your Army Meme: Fighter Pilots

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Scorpion from Miss Haha’s Desk – Yes, I took over Sarahah’s office for this post. Welcome to the latest issue of the Know Your Army Meme column, written by Editor-In-Chief, Scorpion Demon. In this column, I interview army members about their favorite memes from their home army. Let’s start with the next army right away!

This ended up as the most expensive issue of the KYAM column. The reason being that I had to book a flight to the airport on Alpine to meet up with my interviewees. Yes, this post features the S/M powerhouse army Fighter Pilots! The Fighter Pilots are one of the most dominant armies in the S/M category, with regular maxes of around 15 troops. They have been dominating the S/M Top Ten ever since Semi and Jenn created the army. Recently, they showcased their aerial superiority as they marched right to the finals of the Sub Zero Showdown tournament, losing only to the Elites in the finals. They’re known throughout the community for having one of the best meme cultures. To find out more about it, I interviewed Jenn, Frostty, Mizlou, Kelsey and Emily.

Editor’s Note: Click on the galleries to enlarge the pictures.

Which is your favorite meme from your time in the Fighter Pilots?

Jenn: My favorite meme is probably anything that has to do with Ana hahah! she’s my closest friend from discord so we love to make fun of each other. The best Ana meme is drunk Ana, she’s got drunk in the server a few times and her most recent escapade ended with fp becoming clowns of cp, she changed all our usernames to clown names, our roles, our server name, and kept pinging everyone, she was server owner at the time so there was nothing i could do to stop her lol. I still haven’t bothered to add our old icon back since she did that tbh I just added one of our penguin photos, I’ve been to lazy to add the animated icon

PTSD Moments…

Frostty: My favorite meme/ joke hmm its hard to pick just one but if i could, I would pick our Minecraft funerals. In our server we have our own Minecraft realm. So when someone leaves and or retires, from the army, we do a funeral for that person we even put like a chest in the ground and act like we are paying our respects to the fallen (leaving). It adds a bunch of fun and we even have our own priest to do the burial and everything. and before you ask, yes Ana is getting a MC funeral we just haven’t had time to do one yet. Semi, is also one of the funerals we have done, it was a blast.

Emily: tbh my favorite meme is probably bbq isa because the amount of times I laughed nonstop because of jackbox is concerning. Basically the bbq isa joke was created because during a round in jackbox there was a random picture of someone making bbq so someone captioned it as “Isa got me mad so I decided to bbq him” or something like that, anyways after that everyone started calling isa “bbq isa” and “isa’s bbq and foot massage”. It’s also my favorite because many of the people who were playing jackbox with us at the time have become inactive in our server and I do miss them 😦

The Guillotine

Bbq isa

Mizlou: My favorite meme in fp is probably my Minecraft guillotine. Its basically just a set of anvils that falls onto the players head, but fancy and with front row seating. Frostty helped me test it out for the first time, and we had a full day where everyone on the server got executed once or twice. Its become sort of a “rite of passage” for new realm members. Also, if we needed someone to do something, the the threat of getting guillotined would usually be part of it.

Why does everyone say that Ana is a simp?

Emily: Oh my where do I even start. From what I know, she created a voice channel for her and hunter called “after-dark” where I don’t even wanna know what they talk about in there. She even made a red room in our minecraft realm for the two of them And that’s not even half of the simping she has done. Love you Ana

Jenn: Hahahaha anas a huge simp and that’s probably one of the biggest memes from fp. Even our allies have included anas a simp or Anas our favorite simp in their tactics in past events lol. She simps over hunter, he is a marine in our server and recently had to go on a trip for a month for training and every single day multiple times a day would say I miss hunterrrrr in vc or in chat or as a tactic for the event that day haha. She goes back and fourth denying and confirming her simpery, either way we all know she is one.

Mizlou: Part of the reason that everyone says that Ana is a simp is that she always denies it. Once she denied simping for someone, saying that she was “over the simp life”. Not even 10 minutes later she was simping over them again. The words ana and simp have been said together in around 150 different instances, just in the same message.

I’ve often heard of a conspiracy to coup Jenn from Fighter Pilots…

Frostty: Lmao the conspiracy to coup Jenn started actually when I joined the army about 2 months back. It was all a joke to get me into the leader position. When I joined I told Ana to put me at whatever spot she needs me in and I was introduced as 4ic and once I got comfortable with joking around it all started from there. I love Jenn as being a co lead and she has been the best. I would never actually coup her

Mizlou: Ah yes, #coupJenn. The ongoing pursuit of Frostty’s to remove Jenn and take her place as leader. The longest #CoupJennDay__ streak he got to was day 21. It started up again today, we love to see it.

What is the red room?

Emily: Well, the red room is a hidden room in Ana’s basement on our Minecraft realm. In the red room, it has a big red bed in the middle and banners everywhere. Ana claims it to just be a “chest room” but we all know she ain’t that inoccent. I like to mess around with Ana a lot and include the red room in some of our tactics when I have the chance

Frostty: The red room brings us back to Minecraft again. As you can see we have a lot of fun in our realm we have. Basically hunter and Ana made a house together and installed a “red room” you take that and read it how ya want but it’s a secret room in their house. That only they are allowed to enter so as a running joke we always bring that up in tactics and even other allies have brought it up once or twice.

A secretly obtained picture of the Red Room.

Kelsey: The red room is something I’ll never forget. All of the moments we had on Minecraft typically involved getting a peak into the famous red room. I specifically remember this one time when like 7 of us were on all trying to bombard into the room, and we all kept getting slain in the piston doorway by huntana. All we wanted was a red room tour

Can you explain “Mizlou for Leader”?

Jenn: MIZLOU was in golds with us but didn’t talk much so we didn’t know the girl that went by “shelvingunit”. We definitely got to know her a lot more in fp and one day in vc we said something about semi watching the movie but not being in vc, she said he watched it with me, we were like Whoah you know each other!? And she was like yea I’m his sister! None of us knew semi had a secret sister in the server so it was definitely a surprise. Semi at the time was eating tea off a spoon or something so in the meantime we changed almost everyone’s name to MIZLOU FOR LEADER and she even went into his room and changed his username as well it was super funny, he got grumpy about it hahahah. Recently frostty rewoke this propaganda and made a huge sign in our realm and little posters saying miz miz for leader.

Editor’s note: “Semi at the time was eating tea off a spoon or something”. Hey Semi, wassup.

Emily: “MIZLOU FOR LEADER” started all the way in June when we just realized that Mizlou was Semi’s sister. Then we started spamming the chat and changing everyones name to mizlou for leader. This was also what started the meme “tea eater” when Mizlou said he was eating his tea with a spoon. Once semi realized what happened he became the angsty teen he is.

Who is the most memed-upon person in the army?

Emily: In my opinion, I think the most memed upon person in FP has to be Jenn. As much as I love Jenn, I always joke around with her. Some memes about Jenn are coup jenn, save nemo, jenn’s typos, and jenn’s incident in SE vc [Silver Empire]

Jenn: Lmao I guess I would either say ana cause everyone goes hard on her for her simping or possibly me 😦 my server is full of bullies. They want to coup me and make fun of my typos, and even my allies unmute me in event VC without my knowledge which can lead to… self tea being spilled

Can you please elaborate on the vc incident?

Jenn: Welllll. I don’t really know if I can for this interview lmao! What I will say without going into detail, I was going to help my fellow allied leader Amber from silvers lead a pb against IW because she wasn’t sure if jimmy could make it. Long story short jimmy wound up being able to make it. One of the silver moderators still thought I was helping so I guess she unmuted me in event VC at one point,I didn’t know, my husband came home and I asked him a question and everyone in the vc heard me. The end.

off-record things followed…

Flying high with their absolutely hilarious inside jokes and memes, the Fighter Pilots can outperform any major army when it comes to just having fun and enjoying being in an army. Good luck to the Fighter Pilots on the future of their army, and lets hope they continue having one hell of a time! As usual, the post ends with more memes.

Semi at the time was eating tea off a spoon or something.


So relatable… well not really :wary:

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


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