Purple05’s Retirement From Water Ninjas Leadership

UNKNOWN, Water Ninja’s Empire – As we kick start into October, the community faces yet another retirement. This time, the Water Ninjas wave goodbye to one of their main leaders, Purple.

Purple first joined the Ice Warriors in May 2020 and remained there ever since. She currently holds the title of Command Officer there. On September 6th, she took the title of Water Ninjas leader. Under her leadership, the Water Ninjas maintained a consistent 10-15 max in most events. Purple and her team managed to bring the Water Ninjas to #4 on the Small/Medium Top Ten list recently as well.

A Water Ninjas event lead by Purple

Sadly, she released an announcement on September 30th stating that she would step down and instead advise the Water Ninjas.

Purple’s retirement announcement

The CP Army Hub staff were able to contact and interview Purple for an exclusive interview concerning her retirement.

What was the reason for your retirement?

I start my first year of college and with all my exams and homework’s it was so stressful for me leading and being a college student.

Did you have any plans in the process before you decided to retire?

I’m planning on being more active in my main army (Ice Warriors) ’cause leading an army and being staff in Ice Warriors was too stressful for me.

How do you think WN will perform without you as a leader?

They’re gonna do great I know it. WN have 3 amazing leaders.

Will you ever return to Water Ninja’s leadership?

I’m not planning on that for now. I need to focus on college and my real life.

Even though her time was short-lived as a leader for Water Ninjas, she left a remarkable impact on the army. Will Purple ever return to a leadership position? What is in her future as an Ice Warriors staff member?

What do YOU think? How will Water Ninja’s performance change after the departure of their leader? Let us know in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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  1. return soon purple, we love you :)))


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