Blue Brawl: Help Force vs. Ice Warriors Practice Battle

ALASKA, Battle Ground – The Ice Warriors and the Help Force engaged in a fierce practice battle earlier today. Although both armies performed spectacularly, only one was able to triumph. Who prevailed?

On October 2nd, the Ice Warriors and the Help Force went head to head in an intense practice battle. Throughout this skirmish, the Warriors reached an impressive peak of 61 with the Help Force following slightly behind at a max of 46. With similar sizes near the beginning, the armies’ speed and formations played a huge part in deciding the winner. Who won?

[Inside Mine]

In the first room, both armies quickly entered with equally strong bombs and proceeded to make a plus shortly afterward. Although both sides performed extremely well in this formation, the Ice Warriors were able to gain a slight advantage by covering their opponent. The Warriors and the Force continued by choosing the same form after a vigorous bomb, this time settling into a clean X formation. Even though both armies showed tremendous organization with their startling speed, the Ice Warriors faintly covered their opponent yet again. This portion of the battle was certainly a tough one to decide, but the Ice Warriors showed a better performance and were able to seize the first room.

IW vs. HF in the first room: Inside Mine


After a thrilling first room, both armies moved to the Docks with stunning entrances. The Help Force quickly made a T formation while the Warriors mimicked with an upside-down T. During the second room, the Warriors picked up a couple more troops and even reached an astonishing 20 plus difference. Although both sides had a rapid speed of tactics, the Warriors covered up the Helpers’ vertical line in their T due to their massive size difference. As the room continued, the Ice Warriors kept their enormous size advantage and covered up their opponent for the majority, thus winning yet another room.

IW vs. HF in the second room: Docks


In the third room, both armies made a spectacular entrance yet again. While the Ice Warriors stepped into a circle, the Help Force made a plus. Both formations were extremely clean, yet the gigantic size difference carried over and gave the Warriors an advantage. After settling into their circle, the Ice Warriors quickly picked up the pace, performing tactics with tremendous speed. The Help Force lagged behind for a bit, but they slowly gained speed as the room continued. For the majority of the room, the Warriors and the Force both had clean forms and similar speed. However, the Ice Warriors were able to clinch the third and final room due to their 20 plus size difference.

IW vs. HF in the third room: Iceberg

Although the Help Force put up a great fight in this stunning practice battle, the Ice Warriors were able to take home the victory for today with a clean 3-0 sweep. Congratulations to the Ice Warriors!

The judges’ verdict

After an astounding performance from both armies, the Ice Warriors were able to come out victorious due to their enormous size. The practice battle today was definitely hard-fought and thrilling, and it will be exciting to watch how these armies perform in their future battles to come!

What do YOU think about this practice battle? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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  1. Amazing post and good job Ice Warriors and Help Force!


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