BeanPea Bids Farewell ToBean Crimson Guardians Leadership Position

THERMAL, Crimson Guardians Empire – Many retirements and leadership changes have occurred from the past month. Crimson Guardians leader BeanPea recently stepped down from her position, after a long stint as the army’s leader. Why did she decide to retire at this crucial juncture for the Crimson Guardians?

BeanPea joined her first army, the Help Force, on June 19th, 2019. BeanPea was very active there, but decided to join the Crimson Guardians on September 19th, 2019. She later became staff on October 5th, 2019 and gradually ranked up to Flame Commander in July 2020. Ever since then, she has been active and led many battles in tournaments such as the CP Army Hub’s Beach Brawl.

BeanPea’s retirement event

On October 1st, BeanPea temporarily resigned from armies, including Crimson Guardians. In her announcement in the Crimson Guardians server shown below, she mentions that the reason for her retirement was heavy pressure of responsibilities in real life. It seems that the September Drop continues to strike despite September being over.

BeanPea’s retirement announcement

BeanPea certainly will be missed by the troops of Crimson Guardians. Her decision came as a shock to most of them, leaving a lot of questions in their mind about the retirement. The CP Army Hub team decided to interview BeanPea for her thoughts about her sudden decision to leave armies.

What caused your retirement?

Mainly school and irl responsibilities, as much as I love putting time into Crimson Guardians I need to focus more of my time on school, especially since my final year counts the most toward my final grade!

How long have you been in Crimson Guardians for?

Well I joined in September 2019, so i’ve been in CG for about a year and a month.

Will you ever return to armies or Crimson Guardians?

I might, when I know I have the time or when I’m able to manage everything better, but probably not any time soon.

How do you think Crimson Guardians will perform after your retirement?

I’m not sure, but I hope it will perform great because we’ve gotten more staff members, with everyone working together I know Crimson Guardians has a bright future, even though we’re small it’ll still pull through, because each major army was small at one point!

Despite her retirement, BeanPea still has high hopes for the Crimson Guardians’ future. She has left an amazing emblem for her army. Will BeanPea ever return to a leadership position? How will the Crimson Guardians survive without BeanPea?

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comments below!


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