S/M Top Ten Armies [9/27/2020-10/3/2020]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters  – The first small-medium Top Ten of October sees some shuffling of ranks.

1. Silver Empire [37.33]

2. Recon Federation of Club Penguin [36.83]

3. Water Ninjas [32.50]

4. Golden Troops [30.31]

5. Pizza Federation [30.25]

↑ 6. Crimson Guardians [25.25]

7. Fighter Pilots [25.00]

8. One Direction Army [21.50]

9T. Elite Forces of Club Penguin [20.00]

9T. Mango Corps [20.00]

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1. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire had a busy week filled with many battles and events alike. They kicked off with the Army of CP’s Birthday Bash where they reached a size of 5. This was followed by a training event where they maxed 8. Next the faced off against the Water Ninjas and achieved a size of 19. They held a Halloween themed event and a Fashion Show maxing 17 and 12 respectively. They finished off their amazing week battling against the Pizza Federation and saw a size of 10.

2. Recon Federation of Club Penguin: The Recon Federation saw their Templar war rage on, and they peaked at 26 penguins in the first battle of this week. A 6-penguin Coffee Event then occurred before they reached 28 in a second Templar battle. The rest of their week saw them peak at 4 in a UK event, 16 in a battle training and 7 at Pookie’s Birthday event!

3. Water Ninjas: The Water Ninjas held a total of three events this week. They started off with a spectacular practice battle against the Silver Empire on Tuesday in which they reached a peak of 11 troops. Moving on to Thursday, the Ninjas engaged in another practice battle against the Red Ravagers with an astounding max of 22! To finish off their eventful week, the Water Ninjas held a Training and Hide and Seek event on Saturday with a max 18 penguins.

4. Golden Troops: The Golden Troops kicked off their shimmering week on Tuesday with a U-Lead maxing an impressive 20 penguins. As Thursday came they held two events, an AUSIA Snail Event maxing 7, and a Staff U-Lead maxing 12. To end their week on Friday, they had a golden Hide and Seek maxing 14 Super Golden Hiders.

5. Pizza Federation: The Pizza Federation held 4 thrilling events this week. On Sunday, they maxed 8 during a practice battle agains ACP and other allies. After a short break, the Pizza Federation held a Mod Lead, which saw a max of 11 troops. They then fought in two more practice battles, first against the Crimson Guardians, then the Silver Empire, maxing 12 on both occasions.

6. Crimson Guardians: The Crimson Guardians had an exciting week, starting off strongly with a vine-themed event, maxing 6 penguins. Continuing their week, the Guardians dressed up as trees and went around the island with tree themed tactics, maxing 9 penguins at this event! To begin October, the Guardians held a practice battle against the Pizza Federation, maxing 6 penguins! on Friday, the Guardians held a spooky training event, maxing 6 penguins. Finally, to close out their week, they held a goodbye event for their leader Bean, maxing 14 penguins for this uniformed sendoff event.

7. Fighter Pilots: The Fighter Pilots had a fairly turbulence-free week, hosting a respectable 4 events. Firstly, they held a Minions themed event, maxing 11. They then sustained their trend of movie-themed events with an Avengers takeover, involving 8 fighters. Their third event of the week was a tactics practice on NewCP, maxing 9 pilots and they concluded the week with their strongest event, a Puffle takeover maxing 15.

8. One Direction Army: The One Direction Army held two events this week. To start off the week on Wednesday, they had a training event in which they maxed 19 Directioners. To finish off their week of events, they held a Hide and Seek Event where they were able to gather 9 boy band stans.

9T. Elite Forces of Club Penguin: Just before the army merged into the Silver Empire, the Elite Force of Club Penguin held one event this week. The army hosted an AUSIA “Stalking Mascot Event” with 25 troops in attendance.

9T. Mango Corps: Mango Corps held a “we’re still here” as their only event this week, which maxed 16 penguins.

Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


Top Ten Committee Manager

Top Ten Committee

Rach, Semi, Rah, Fusion, Sarah, Caramel, Kally, Fatchicken88, Tistle, Robot, Sarahah, Sophie, Rosie, Max

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