Top Ten Armies [9/27/20-10/3/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The first Top Ten of October brings about new faces in the top three.

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♦ 1. Rebel Penguin Federation [93.39]

2. Army of Club Penguin [87.61]

3. Help Force [76.72] 

4. Doritos of Club Penguin [76.5] 

5. Ice Warriors [72.47]

6. Water Vikings [71.00]

7. Templars [44.83]

 8. Army of the Orient Seas [43.97]

9. Red Ravagers [42.90]

 10. Special Weapons and Tactics [42.88]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation kicked off their recent week with an AUSIA cow themed training event on Sunday, maxing 45. Hours later, they held a Moderator U-Lead training event, giving their staff a chance to lead tactics and maxing an impressive 56 troops along the way. On Tuesday, 48 Rebels logged on for Operation: Unparalleled in preparation for their weekly practice battle, this time against the Help Force. The same day, the Federation hosted a CP Rewritten igloo raid with 44 Rebels in attendance. Wednesday and Thursday saw two EU events, the former being a card jitsu tournament where 53 troops battled it out for the win, and the latter being a training event titled Operation: Federation Domination, seeing sizes of 54 Rebels. The day after, the Rebels held an AUSIA event, Operation: Aptitude, and maxed 42. Following that was the US event, Operation: 8-Bit Rebel Bots, where 44 troops attended, all sporting funky retro outfits. With Saturday came the long awaited AUSIA practice battle. 74 Rebels faced it off against the Help Force, successfully taking two rooms and clinching the victory. To finish off their amazing week, the Rebels hosted a U-Lead event, maxing 47 troops.

2. Army Of Club Penguin: ACP held 4 events this week. To start off the week on Sunday, they had a UK ‘birthday battle’ with allies, maxing 55. On Tuesday, they celebrated their 14 year anniversary, maxing an impressive 88 penguins. They held an AUSIA Tie Dye Takeover on Friday, and maxed 43. For their last event of the week on Saturday, they introduced their Delta Division in an event where they maxed 57.

3. Help Force: The Help Force began their busy week on Monday with an EU Vroom Vroom takeover which maxed 52. The following day the army held an AUSIA Puffle takeover where they brought 35 troops. On Wednesday, they held a US Pizza takeover. This event saw a max of 22! The same day the Helpers held a EU Coffee takeover where they maxed 34. On Thursday, the army held a Stamp Heist in which they maxed 46 Helpers! On Saturday they held an AUSIA practice battle against the Ice Warriors, and the next day they held an AUSIA battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation. These two events ended off the week on a good note as they maxed 46 against the Warriors and 55 against the Federation.

4. Doritos of Club Penguin: The Doritos ended their generation with a final event in which they maxed an impressive 71 penguins.

5. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors kicked their week off with an AUSIA training event/sled racing tournament, maxing 34. Their next event was a 3-way practice battle between the Warrior’s two divisions, and the Red Ravagers, resulting in a win for the Ice Warriors Polar division and maxing 45 penguins! On Wednesday, the IW held a staff U-lead event, maxing 41. To close out the week, the Warriors held a practice battle against the Help Force, maxing an outstanding 61 troops and taking the win!

6. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings had a short but impressive week with three total events. The first was their invasion of Skates from SWAT; the last battle in their Eagre Foray war. They maxed 36 and won with a score of 2-0-1. Following this intense face off, the Water Vikings relaxed a little with a practice battle against the Army of CP and all of their allies. This event was in celebration of the Army of CP’s fourteenth birthday, and the Water Vikings ended up maxing an impressive 44 troops. Afterward, there was a brief pause in events, but Friday saw a jaw dropping 70 max at the Water Vikings’ victory parade, which they held in celebration of the end of the war. They marched from room to room across the map, ending their week on a high note.

7. Templars: The Templars week saw them continue with their war against the Recon Federation, and began with a battle in which they peaked at 30 penguins. Another battle saw again 30 penguins reached, with a 3-0 victory claim. They ended their week with a solo event that saw a size of 31 in attendance.

8. Army of the Orient Seas: With two events this week, the Army of the Orient Seas kicked off in a battle against the Red Ravagers where they came up victorious and had a max of 29. The week was ended with a Staff Monsters University Themed Birthday Celebration with a size of 20.

9. Red Ravagers: The Red Ravagers had a busy week which started with a Practice Battle against the Ice Warriors and their divisions. This was followed up with a Fall Dress event where they peaked at 14. They then hosted a Tactics Practice event along with a U-Lead where they saw sizes of 13 and 11 respectively. RR then hosted another Practice Battle with the Water Ninjas where they maxed 12. The next day they hosted another Practice Battle with ACP where they saw sizes of 6. This was followed up with a Branch Battle before they hosted another practice battle against Water Ninjas. They ended their week with a Halloween Theme event and a Puffle Joint Event where they saw sizes of 13 and 15 respectively.

10. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT had a pretty easygoing week. To conclude their war with the Water Vikings, they participated in an unsuccessful defence of Skates maxing 22. They first started off the week with a U-Lead event maxing 37. They then ended the week with an AUSIA training maxing 16.

Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


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