Fedd Steps Down From Water Vikings Leadership

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – After more than three months of leading, Water Viking Fedd left the leadership and stepped down to second-in-command. What led him to take this decision?

Fedd began his army career in 2013 by joining the Army of Club Penguin, despite being fairly inactive there. Later in 2016, he joined his future main army in, the Rebel Penguin Federation. Fedd rose to fourth-in-command and would help armies such as the Club Penguin Crew, the Rebel Penguin Marines and several others. After that, he began his retirement of armies for two long years. In 2020 he would be invited to the Sun Troops and help as a second-in-command in the Water Vikings and the Golden Guardians, later becoming a leader of the Vikings until now.

On October 2nd, Fedd announced that unfortunately he had decided to leave his position of Commander. One of the reasons he decided to step down was because of “real life issues”. Additionally, the former leader stated that he will stay in the army as a ‘Vice Commander’. 

Fedd's Announcement

Fedd’s Announcement

Hopefully Fedd may remain in the high command of the Vikings and the community itself. To gain more information about the matter, the CP Army Hub team reached out to him for an interview.

Do you have any more reason is for your step down from leadership?

My primary reason for stepping down was my personal feeling that I could not maintain my previous level of activity mostly due to school and real-world issues and thus it was only right to allow someone else to eventually move up.

Did you have any goals for the Vikings? Did you accomplish them?

My goals for the Vikings were to assist in maintaining our spot as a major army, to grow our army further as-well as to prove ourself to be a major force in the community. Primarily I just wanted to achieve glory for the Water Vikings and to ultimately do what is best for the army at every moment. I think I can safely say that each of these goals have been accomplished, especially considering our recent victory against SWAT and I hope to continue keeping the Water Vikings best interest at heart as Vice Commander.

What are the plans in your future with armies?

Honestly, only time will tell. The only definite is that I will continue to work with the Water Vikings and my fellow HCOM as the year progresses.

It seems like there is a considerable chance Fedd wont leave the army community anytime soon. But as he stated, only time will tell. How will the Vikings fare without him? How will he cope in his new ranking?

What do YOU think about this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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