Light’s Off For Light Troops As Indefinite Closure Announced

ICE BOX, Light Troops Empire – After being revived just weeks ago, it seems that a short-lived generation of the Light Troops has come to an end. Following pressure from the leaders and the staff, the army has ceased operations as of October 4th.

The Light Troops were formed in February 2011 by Ioioluk. The army soon became one of the most popular armies, achieving much success between 2016 to 2019 under leaders such as Waterkid and Epic101. The army shut down in May when Club Penguin Online shutdown. Moreover, the leaders while shutting the army down declared that the army must never be revived.

Light Troop’s invasion of Summit

In September, an announcement was made that Jester, Mythic, and Simmonds2000 would revive the army. Their opening event held on Super CP saw a huge max that lead many to believe that this generation would be quite prosperous. However, activity in the army slowly declined over days. A few events were cancelled due to the leaders being too busy to lead. The server slowly became less active, pointing towards an imminent death. On October 4th, the army would close following a closure announcement. In an announcement made in the Light Troops Discord server, Zamb conveyed the future of the army:

Zamb’s announcement of Light Troop’s closure

After the army’s closure just hours ago, the Club Penguin Army Hub reached out to Zamb about Light Troop’s recent closure and his thoughts on the matter.

How do you and your fellow Light Troop staff feel about the last revival?

This final revival wasn’t supposed to happen. With all due respect, the Light Troops should’ve remained dead following Epic’s revival. The second revival on Club Penguin Online, as well as this one, are disgraceful for the army. A mysterious panel of guardian figures attempted to shut down this generation, but we tried to go through, and well, look where it leads us to the expected shutdown

What was the reason for closing the army?

Unfortunately, I didn’t inflict the same curse that shut down all my prior armies. What shut down the Light Troops was the timing. September is a time where armies are experiencing difficulties in recruiting. This wasn’t the reason, but this setback didn’t pair well with the leadership’s availability. We’re all busy with school, work, and tasks outside of armies, so we weren’t able to commit to the army.

Do you see any chance in the future for a Light Troop revival?

No clue man, based on the way armies are going, I doubt it. If there’s another surge in armies and one of the godfathers are around, maybe, but I doubt it would happen. Then again, we didn’t expect Club Penguin to survive past 2017, so who knows what the future holds.

Anything else you’d like to add?

The Light Troops were unable to come back to this new state of armies. The name holds a lot of prestige and had great accomplishments in the past, but unfortunately, the greatest recruiter in the world is unable to keep up with the size of others. There were huge plans for the army, ones that I planned on fixing my own schedule to eventually lead and accomplish. I guess some things aren’t meant to be. The “September Drop” isn’t the problem, but it’s this specific one that has seen the likes of the Doritos, Elites, and us fall victim to. Armies aren’t dead, but those that are alive and well occupying spots in the Major Top Ten have an influence over the community, and it takes determination to break into the rankings. Anyone who plans on reviving an army or is currently leading, I wish you the best of luck.

This community has changed since then and maybe will benefit others more than it did to us. Ignorance from the community can spurt nonsense and insult the Light Troops, but they’ve already cemented their legacy into army history. Regardless of what the new generation thinks, the glorious Light Troops will continue shining with victory past the grave.

After all the work put into this generation, it has been deemed “illegitimate”. While this army has had its ups and downs, it’s unsure whether the army will return.  Will the Light ever Troops come back?

What do YOU think? Will the Light Troops ever relive their success? Tell us YOUR thoughts in the comments below


CP Army Hub Reporter


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