Recon Federation and Templars’ War Ends With Both Sides Claiming Victory

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The war between the Recon Federation and the Templars has come to an end as both sides claim victory. Both armies recently released website posts announcing that they won. What events occurred in the war leading up to now?

The war between the Recon Federation and the Templars armies began on September 23rd after the Templars released a war declaration on their website. This post completed a series of accusations against the Recon Federation and their ex-leader Prior Bumble. Moreover, the same article went on to lay down the Templar’s war terms. It also announced the first battle of the war on September 26th. The Templars claimed that the conflict arose because some of their staff were bullied by people affiliated to the Federation. A fascinating fact about this war was that neither army own any servers. Thus, this conflict was an example of the rarely-seen phenomenon called a ‘landless war.’

The war terms laid down by the Templars

This war declaration sounded the final death knell of the alliance between the two armies. This alliance was initially called the “Brotherhood of the Banned” and formed due to the leadership of both the armies supposedly exhibiting goodwill towards each other. The alliance draws its name from an incident earlier this year. Both armies are currently under an exile from the CP Army Hub league, after all but one of the army representatives voted for their removal from the league. For a while, it seemed that the former enemies had resolved their issues. However, all chaos broke loose two weeks later when two of the Recon Federation’s staff members, Shalissa and SupremeP0wer, moved to the Templars. Later, SupremeP0wer released an expose post of the Recon Federation and Prior Bumble. Understandably, this incident strained the relations between the two armies.

The first battle took place as planned on September 26th. Both armies agreed on appointing Attai/Rowan as the judge of their battle. The Templars maxed an impressive 35 while the Recon Federation followed at a slightly lower 27. Despite the somewhat larger size, Attai declared the Recon Federation as the winners of this battle. In turn, this evoked a massive outcry from the Templars, who even proceeded to announce the battle as a Templars victory on their website. The dispute over the results ended with the Recon Federation retaining their win.

Both the armies turned to the CP Army Warfare League to judge their second battle, held on September 28th. The match ended up being very close as it went into overtime. The 50-minute long battle ended with Templars taking home the win. The two sides once again disputed upon the decision. However, there was no change in the judges’ verdict, and the score remained tied at 1-1.

The second battle held on the server White House

The third battle took place on September 30th. Controversy marred the battle, as the judges once again ruled the battle in favor of the Templars. Following major concerns of biased judging, the CPAWL CEO Coolguy revised the verdict, declaring the Recon Federation to be the new winners of the battle. Once again, the Templars refused to accept this overruling and maintained that they won the battle.

A fourth battle took place on October 2nd. However, the Templars did not show up to fight against their enemies, automatically forfeiting the battle to the Recon Federation. Yet another battle went down on the following day, where the army leaders agreed to decide rooms amongst themselves. However, this battle ended in another controversy as the Recon Federation left the battle sometime after it should have commenced. The reason they gave for this retreat was that the Templars leaders did not inform them about the first room of the battle. At the same time, the Templars leaders defended that Recon failed to ask them for a room. While the purple army considered this battle null, the Templars declared it as another win for the knights in golden armor.

The battle on October 3rd; RFCP log off

The battle on October 2nd; Templars no-show

Disclaimer: The following text contains links to posts that may hold offensive content. Please note that the respective armies release these posts on their own army website and not by the CP Army Hub. Maintain viewer discretion if you choose to view these posts.

On October 4th, the Recon Federation released a post declaring that the Outsiders’ War had ended with a Recon Federation win. The article outlined why the army believed that this war had ended with a Recon win, while also ridiculing the Templars. Recon Federation maintains that since they won the war, they will deem any other battle scheduled by the Templars as invalid. The Templars responded to this post with a victory declaration of their own, released on October 6th. The post, while giving reasons for the Templars winning the war, contains several derogatory claims against the opposing purple army. Thus, both armies have reached a standoff where neither side is sure of the real winner of this war.

To find out more about the thoughts of the leaderships of both armies about the war, the CP Army Hub team reached out to Xing from the Templars and Coolj from the Recon Federation.

Xing: Well, this was a good war, I felt it boosted our sizes, got the troops hype, that’s what we truly won since there was no servers. The troops were enthusiastic and we were doing good and going strong throughout the battles. Chain and Shalissa led many battles without me which I feel is awesome because I know there are capable adults at the head of a new leadership. So in summary, my outlook is that, the Templars did win. Not just by war score but in many other ways too. Enthusiasm, memes and so on.

Coolj: How could TCP possibly win a war with only 1 battle won, RFCP victory.

It can be said that the end of this bizarre but controversial war is here, as the Recon Federation will refuse to accept any battles as valid. While both sides continue to argue over who won the battle, both armies have benefitted from the war as their sizes rose spectacularly. Warfare has always held an important place in the history of armies. Although this one remained left undecided due to both armies having no land to fight over, participants from both sides certainly enjoyed the war.

What do YOU think? Which of the two combatants won the war? Let us know in the comments section below!

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


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