The Tree Cult Leadership Grows With Two New Leaders

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Tree Cult Empire – Just two weeks after their reopening event, the Tree Cult on October 4th announced that Legoman and Ot_ter will be joining the army’s leadership. What were the reasons for these new additions to the army? What are the plans of the new leaders for the army’s future?

The Tree Cult was created by QwertyFusion on February 21st this year. The army gained a fair amount of success in a short amount of time due to their environmentalist thoughts. They joined the International United Armies alliance soon after their creation. This alliance was one of the most important factors that contributed to their fast growth, as it brought in alliances with stronger armies like the Royals and the Help force. However, all good things must come to an end. The army suffered heavy backlash following their participation in the alliance’s war against the Ice Warriors. This caused the closure of the army. QuertyFusion tried to revive the army soon after this closure but the second generation could not last for long.

A Tree Cult Event In May.

The army was reopened on September 21st by ex-leaders Ugly and QuertyFusion. They also appointed MaxTC, Pleby and Hawkflight as the leaders of the army. The nature loving army maxed 10 penguins for their reopening event, which helped them to register their army in the league. However, the army has seen a drop in activity since their revival, as their leaders are unable to devote enough time to the army due to their real life responsibilities. 

Recent Tree Cult Event

On October 4th, Ugly announced that two new leaders Ot_ter and LEGOMAN will be joining the leadership team. The reason for this was the obvious decrease in the availability of the current leaders. The Discord server saw a large influx of messages welcoming the new commanders soon after the announcement.

The Announcement In The Discord Server.

Ot_ter started her journey in armies as a Tree Cult troop, where she ranked up to staff. She then joined the Redemption Force and worked her way into the leadership. Ot_ter also lead the Templars and the Legoman Army and was third in command in the Ice Warriors. She is currently a Third In Command in the Special Weapons and Tactics.

LEGOMAN first joined the army community through the Dark Warriors. However, only three days later he decided to join the Ice Warriors. During his time there rising through the ranks, he created the Legoman Army. He joined the Templars as a Second In Command after he was banned from the Ice Warriors following some issues. LEGOMAN later joined the Crystal Cowboys leadership, which ended very quickly following a controversy. He is now a Second In Command in SWAT.

Hopefully, these two leaders will finally bring in the hard work and experience that is needed to make an army grow. The CP Army Hub team decided to interview the newly promoted leaders, and get their thoughts on their promotion and their plans for the future.

How do you feel about your new position as Tree Cult leader?

Ot_ter: I’m gonna be honest, I’m not really sure yet? lego saw that he wasn’t getting enough media attention, I needed another interview to inflate my hugeass ego, and Tree Cult needed active leaders. it all worked out yk? jokes aside though, I know that I’ll have to build it up from the ground. it’ll take a lot of time and care, but I know I can do it if I have lego and ugly working with me. qwerty laid the foundation for us. now it’s our turn to make him proud

LEGOMAN: It’s pretty cool I guess! I redesigned the uniform because it looked like SWAT on a lazy Sunday, and then Ugly just kinda promoted me and odor. I’m a little disappointed that my new co-leader has to be an egotistical Prior Stan that doesn’t shower. But it’s all breeze in the trees! Also I hadn’t gotten nearly enough publicity recently and thought this would appease my constant need for attention!

What do you seek to accomplish as leader?

Ot_ter: that’s actually a very good question because I literally went into this with no planning whatsoever . but after thinking about it and talking to legodad, we decided that we want to build up our sizes and become a steady member of the s/m community while infuriating as many grown men as possible 
LEGOMAN: I would like to see Tree Cult as a military superpower that rises up and overthrows BIA. Nahhh I’m obviously joking, I don’t really know. I already achieved the best possible ally by reaching out to the exceptional Jakob the Friendliest Gamer, who allied his amazing army the Friendly Gamers of Club Penguin with us!! The lovely IceQueen1020 already said she liked the uniform for the most part, and that’s all I needed.

Anything else you want to mention?

Ot_ter: since lego keeps *** harassing me about it, his jawline looks like he chews gum for a living
LEGOMAN: The Tree Cult is a swell little army, and I am excited to see what us and the Friendly Gamers of Club Penguin can accomplish together. Hopefully I can use this resume credit to obtain Advisor in more armies!! And I hope that this new leadership position that odor has received will encourage her to finally take care of her awful personal hygiene situation!! Also hopefully she doesn’t leak more HCOM chats!!

It is unsure whether these latest additions to the leadership team are serious about their position or not. However, it does seem certain that the Tree Cult will continue to strive to make their way up the Top Ten ranks. As the army community moves past the dangerous September Drop phase, we can surely expect great things from this army. 

What do YOU think? Will the new additions to the army’s leadership result in a controversial ending? Or will it lead to a new golden generation of the newly revived army? Let us know in the comments section below!

CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief

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