Rise of the Tides: Army of the Orient Seas Goes Major

PARKA, Army of the Orient Seas Empire – On October 4th, a new army made an appearance in the list of major armies in the CP Army Hub Discord server. This army has risen from its position in the small-medium armies list to become a major army. Who might this army be?

The Army of the Orient Seas was created on June 16th, 2020 by Daya, Ken, and Intrinsic. Originally, the Army of the Orient Seas started as an AUSIA based army, but they gradually turned into a fun army for all. They became an official army on June 21st, 2020 and more members started to join. They have climbed to the top of the small-medium army Top Ten and have now officially reached Major Army status!

A recent event with the Red Ravagers.

The Army of the Orient Seas have consistently proved that they aren’t a force to be trifled with, doing well in practice battles, and even being invited to the Beach Brawl. The current leaders, Aphrodite and Figgnez, have led the army to great sizes and gained a score of 43.97 points in this week’s Top Ten. They have reached 8th place in the Major armies Top Ten and seem to keep growing.

Last week’s Major Army Top Ten, with AOS ranking in eighth place.

The Army Hub staff were able to sit down with the Army of the Orient Seas leader, Aphrodite, to find out more on the army’s new triumph.

Recently the Army of the Orient Seas saw their rise to a major army. How do you feel about this incredible achievement?

Well, of course I’m elated. I’m very proud and grateful of our troops because we couldn’t have done all this without them. I’m also filled with so much gratitude for our allies because they helped us in achieving this goal and they’re always there whenever they can. But other than that, I’m also excited of what’s to come for AOS.

Why do you believe you were able to achieve this?

Because why not? We’ve all worked hard for this and that’s why I think we deserve to be on the Major Army list as much as the others.

What are your goals after hitting this significant milestone?

For now, our goal is to maintain and keep everything in place. Just see where the tides take us. Moreover, we’re also aiming to grow as an army, and even more as a community/family.

Do you have any last thoughts or comments?

I just wanna say thank you for all the love and support given to AOS—the team and the family that keeps us on our feet. We will only grow bigger, better & stronger. It’s an honor being part of this family. Much love to everyone. Have a great day! x

The Army of the Orient Seas seems to be on the rise, reaching new heights, climbing up the major Top 10, and hitting outstanding sizes. With positive words from Aphrodite, could the Army of the Orient Seas be on course for that number one spot? How will they perform in the future?

What do YOU think? How will the Army of the Orient Seas continue to grow? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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