Army Legend 32op Temporarily Enlists In Army of CP

MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Capital – After the recent closure of the Doritos, there were some troops left looking for something to do within the community. With the Fright or Fight tournament around the corner, which former Dorito has joined the Army of Club Penguin?

Two weeks ago, the Doritos announced they are closing down indefinitely almost one year after their revival in November 2019. Leader of the former army, 32op, then joined the Army of Club Penguin Higher Command to aid them in the upcoming Fright or Fight tournament.

Fright or Fight is this October’s upcoming spookfest and the Clovers have been invited along to compete along with 15 others within the major armies category. 2019 Legend inductee 32op and current Clovers leader CSY were reunited once again after the opportunity to compete together arose.

All 8 major armies competing in the tournament.

While there was no official announcement, 32op was quick to assume the role get starting in the army. CP Army Hub reached out to both CSY and 32op for their take on the recent induction. CSY gave this statement:

Before the closure of DCP, there were already considerations to join ACP closer to the December tournament as a push to do well. Whilst there was a bit of drama in between, we eventually squashed it after understanding a bit more from both sides. With the announcement of the Halloween tournament as something to work towards, and hoping to also step away from the community drama, 32 joined earlier to help ACP out. Hopefully it’ll turn out well as a sort of new beginning for all sides.

The Army Hub managed to interview 32op:

What prompted the “move” over to ACP?

Many reasons behind the move but the main is that, CSY and I have been friends since when we were both in DCP since 2015. We eventually did reunite in 2019, when CSY dual enlisted in DCP as a Leader in Training while being HCOM in ACP. However, that didn’t last long as he achieved ACP leader and resigned from his DCP duties. We’ve always wanted to be in the same army and with DCP shut down, it was the perfect opportunity to reunite.

How do you feel ACP will benefit from the added help?

ACP already has a great culture and an amazing staff team. I look forward to working with the ACP HCOM to find new ways to increase size maxes in order to compete with bigger armies.

While excitement grows for the upcoming tournament, could 32op’s aid make the army a force to be reckoned with? Or will they need to rely on more than an old ally? The community will soon find out.

What do YOU think? Will 32op help the army win the spookfest? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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