If Armies Were Netflix Originals

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – No matter how many responsibilities we may have, most of us enjoy a relaxing evening with a binge-fest on Netflix. This week, the CP Army Hub staff asked themselves, which Netflix Original would some of our CP armies be?

Most of us are already familiar with Netflix. Founded in 1997, the streaming services company has certainly become an essential part of 21st-century culture. After a long day, a variety of series and films are ready to stream at your convenience. Many of these series often become crowd favourites and even go viral. One of these many examples is the highly popular “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” series from early 2020. This led the thinking caps in the Army Hub offices to the question, which army would be which Netflix Original? 

You can see how they go from being so sweet to tearing your face off, just like that, and it’s amazing to have that range. – Carole Baskin about the CP Army Community


Rebel Penguin Federation: The Crown

To start off the list, what better place is there than the top of the leaderboard? The Rebel Penguin Federation has established themselves as a superpower within the community, dominating the leaderboard for over four months. This builds an uncanny similarity to the historical drama “The Crown” about Queen Elizabeth II, who has reigned the United Kingdom since her coronation in June 1953. Many have asked themselves, when will Queen Elizabeth finally step down from her throne? Similarly, the army community has pondered over the same question for the whole summer, who could overtake the Rebel Penguin Federation? Is it even possible? It sure does not look like it!

The Rebel Penguin Crown

Army of Club Penguin: Queer Eye

Next, we have the Army of Club Penguin! Founded in 2006, this legendary army always prides themselves on their openness and their acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community. A prominent member of their army, CP Army Hub Executive Producer Max, often releases various posts on the topic, such as gAyCP or Pride Month. For these reasons, the history of the Army of Club Penguin resembles the fabulous “Queer Eye“. Unknown to many, the show first aired in 2003 under the name of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”. This made it one of the earliest, openly LGBTQ+ shows on air. Both Clovers and “Queer Eye” have fought hard for years for equality and acceptance for everybody. After all, love is love.

ACP celebrating Pride Month

Templars: 13 Reasons Why

Haunted by a box of cassettes, the Liberty High School students can not seem to get rid of the ghost of Hannah Baker, a teenage girl who has committed suicide. “13 Reasons Why, a story full of twists and turns, accompanies Clay Jensen through his daily life with Hannah cropping up occasionally by his side. The situation reminds one of the relationship of Xing to his Templars! Xing is known for his multiple retirements, such as his latest in September, or another retirement two months prior, in June. Just like Hannah, Xing can not leave the community. Even in his retirement, he is pulled back into the army.

13 Reasons Why Xing Can’t Retire

Ice Warriors: The Irishman

Fear the ice Irish! The Ice Warriors count a total of five leaders, two of them leading proudly under the Irish tricolour, oftentimes using the good old Tiocfaidh ár lá as a tactic. A third one of the five proudly represents the Italian mafia on the US East Coast. After all, the mafia lives on, as seen in the 2019 hit “The Irishman”. The film tells the story of Frank Sheeran, a retired painter, who earns the nickname of the ‘Irishman’ during his daily business in the cold-blooded Italian mafia. Similarly, the CP Army Irishmen, Regan and Flamez, have led the Irish-Italian Warrior mafia alongside Alex for over half a year.

The Penguin Irishman

Fighter Pilots: Nailed It!

The Fighter Pilots, created at the end of May, certainly have one of the most impressive resumés in the current army scene. The army was created by Jenn and Semi and has since dominated and topped the small/medium Top Ten on various occasions! In the short four months, the army was baked to perfection by the leaders, showing incredible maxes! Although the road can sometimes get bumpy, they faked it until they made it, just like a contender on the popular baking show “Nailed It!” The Fighter Pilots would surely win the golden baker’s hat!

Top 1 small/medium army? Nailed It!

One Direction Army: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Similarly to One Direction Army, Lara Jean Covey only has eyes for five guys. The film “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” tells the story of the hopeless romantic, who writes unsent letters to every boy she has an uncontrollable crush on. These intense feelings Lara Jean possesses resemble the One Direction Army, who dedicate their whole army to praising the five British-Irish boys. Although the band rests in a so-called hiatus, the army keeps filling the community with admiration for the musical arts.

To All The Boys ODA Has Loved Before

CP Army Hub Judges: You

The series “You” took the world by storm in 2018, featuring the story of a lonesome male named Joe Goldberg. His most characteristic traits would be his toxic obsession with people and the mastery of stalking them. Joe then follows his prey around and spectates their lives. This is eerily similar to the lifestyle of a CP Army Hub Judge, who takes time out of their day just to stare at penguins. Creepy, no?

The CPAH Netflix Exclusive is planned to launch in early 2021

As we can all see, there are a few similarities between our own penguin lives and our favourite Netflix series and films. From the ever-reigning Rebel Penguin Federation to the fangirls One Direction Army, which comparison was your favourite? Which Netflix Original would your army be?

What do YOU think? Did we miss any Army Netflix Originals? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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