Which Army Has The Strongest ‘AUSIA’ Division?

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – With the army community’s growth in its recent years, so comes the development of armies’ AUSIA divisions. Nowadays, AUSIA events are undeniably an integral part of this game. However, which army has the strongest AUSIA division?

From a simple children’s game, Club Penguin armies have developed into an intricate and international community. Nowadays, a common similarity people may notice upon entering an army Discord is the distribution of timezone roles, a significant indicator of the modern army community’s geographical diversity. With the 1.3x size curve given to AUSIA events in the Top Ten, many armies are eager to grow their number of Australian-Asian troops. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the most straightforward task. Today, we look at some armies who have successfully built up their AUSIA divisions.

Rebel Penguin Federation

The Rebel Penguin Federation is perhaps only the most renowned army in the current community. For 4.5 months, they’ve maintained an unbroken streak of number one on the Top Ten. This would not be possible, of course, without the sheer strength of their AUSIA division. Averaging maxes of 48 over the past month, this places the Rebels’ AUSIA division at one of the strongest in the community. They had a very slight dip in the fourth week of September, but even then, their size average remained at 44, which, quite honestly, doesn’t count for a dip at all. Overall the Rebels retained a very consistent and equally impressive AUSIA size average over the past five months.

The size average for the Rebels over the past five weeks

The Rebels maxing 78 at an AUSIA practice battle against the Red Ravagers

Ice Warriors

The Ice Warriors are yet another major army powerhouse, consistently ranking highly on the Top Ten. Their reputation precedes them as one of the most capable armies in this game. Over the past five weeks, they averaged a 42 max in their AUSIA events. Although the graph below illustrates a dip in the second week of last month, they seem to be back on track and inching upwards. However, they have not yet returned to their highest max in the previous month, where they hit a size of 60. Nevertheless, this may not be out of the ordinary, as the 60 max they achieved originated from a much-hyped for practice battle, and it would make sense for there to be a contrast when compared with normal training events. Overall, the Ice Warriors seem to be performing fairly steadily.

The size average for the Ice Warriors over the past five weeks

The Ice Warriors in their practice battle against the Army of CP, maxing 60

Army of Club Penguin

The Army of Club Penguin, the first of its kind, is also among this list of armies with successful AUSIA divisions. For fourteen years now, the Army of CP has been a significant major powerhouse. Over the past five weeks, they averaged a max of 40 in their AUSIA events, allowing them to retain consistently high positions on the Top Ten. Looking at the graph below, we can note a slight downwards trend over September. However, with the first week of October, the Clover Defenders seem to be thriving once more as they pick up an upwards trend. 

The size average for the Clover Defenders over the past five weeks

The Clover Defenders maxing 48 in an AUSIA practice battle with the Ice Warriors

Help Force

The Help Force is an army that has shown surprising prowess in their AUSIA performances. In AUSIA practice battles, they have defeated competent armies like the Ice Warriors and achieved astounding maxes of 60+ against the Rebel Penguin Federation. In the past five weeks, they averaged sizes of around 41 for their AUSIA events. Observing their graph, we can see that the Help Force’s performance does fluctuate a bit. However, despite the dip in week three, the Helpers have, overall, a positive trend from week one to week five. 

The size average for the Helpers over the past five weeks

The Help Force in an AUSIA practice battle against the Ice Warriors, maxing 54 and winning with a score of 2-0-1

The Army of the Orient Seas

The Army of the Orient Seas, since the creation of the army around half a year ago, has established itself as a notable AUSIA army. They host most of their events at AUSIA times, and they reached a size average of 24 in the past five weeks. Most impressively, they hit a max of 37 during an AUSIA practice battle against the Dark Warriors, successfully clinching the victory with a score of 2-0-1. When examining their graph, it appears that they had quite large fluctuations as well. Nevertheless, their astounding max of 37 was an extraordinary performance, and it would make sense for their graph to rise and drop slightly compared to regular training events. Overall, though, they seem to have steadily increasing sizes. With even more room for growth, it will be interesting to see how they perform in the future.

The size average for the Army of the Orient Seas over the past five weeks

The Army of the Orient Seas in their AUSIA practice battle against the Dark Warriors, maxing 37

So, where does this leave us? Currently, the Rebel Penguin Federation has very consistently maintained their AUSIA sizes in the high forties and fifties, no easy feat. However, in observing the graph below, we can see that armies like the Help Force have undertaken an upward trend and are gradually improving their performance, growing increasingly close to hitting 50+ averages. Interestingly enough, the graph for the Army of the Orient Seas inverts that of the Ice Warriors. That aside, the Army of the Orient Seas seems to have picked up a slight upwards trend as well and has the potential to rise even further, while the Ice Warriors consistently remain near the top of the graph. The Army of CP is also poised at a steady position. Despite dipping a bit towards the end of September, the Clover Defenders’ recent Tie Die event on October 2nd saw an impressive 43 max. Combined with their other successful US/EU events, they were able to rank second on the Top Ten.

A graph comparing the AUSIA averages for all five armies

The growth of AUSIA divisions has been undeniable. As most armies in this community continue to strive to hit even greater sizes and consistency, who knows what the future will hold? As of right now, the accepted norm is that AUSIA events max lower than US/EU events, although some armies, like the Army of the Orient Seas, are already beginning to challenge those ideals. As we dive deeper into the new school year, do AUSIA divisions have the potential to dominate this community?

What do YOU think about these armies’ AUSIA divisions? Do you predict any changes in the months to come? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief


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