Clash Of AUSIA: Help Force vs. Army of CP

ALASKA, Battle Ground – The Help Force and the Army of Club Penguin engaged in a tough AUSIA practice battle earlier today. Although both armies are known for their impressive sizes in these battles, who won?

On October 10th, the Army of Club Penguin and the Help Force engaged in a fierce AUSIA practice battle. In this battle, the Helpers reached a peak of 61 penguins while the Army of Club Penguin brought along 65 troops. With both armies logging in with similarly astounding sizes and speed, which army prevailed?

[Snow Forts]

The armies started off their spectacular battle in the Snow Forts where the Help Force’s initial bomb was stronger and showed impressive effort. Their first formations were a plus made by the Army of Club Penguin and a circle by the Helpers. The Clover Defenders performed a considerable size of bombs, wipes, quick emotes, and flickers. Meanwhile, the Blue Army stayed still and showed creative word tactics while maintaining the same speed as their opponent. The Army of CP covered the opposing army in their still formations, thus settling the first room as a win for the Clovers.

Room 1: Snow Forts


The battle continued on to the Iceberg next where both sides were equal in speed. However, the Army of Club Penguin showed slightly better tactics, formations, and sizes. The Help Force had several gaps in their formations and were lacking in movement and actions in the second room. Due to these reasons, the judges decided that the Army of CP won another room yet again.

Room 2: Iceberg


The last room for this practice battle occurred in the Docks. The Help Force entered the final room first and stepped into a circle form. The size of the Green Army decreased, even reaching an astonishing difference of 12 troops between the armies. The Helpers then covered their opponent by performing creative tactics, but they barely changed their formations. After half the room had passed, the Force changed to a V shaped formation. Unlike their opponent, the Clovers moved into several formation changes and even made a more uncommon formation: an A shape. At the end, the Help Force won the room due to the considerable size difference present during the final room.

Room 3: Docks

Although both armies put up a spectacular fight, the Army of CP claimed victory for today with a 2-1-0 score. Congratulations to the Clover Defenders!

The judges’ verdict

The practice battle today was definitely an interesting one with the Clover Defenders coming out victorious. The Helpers and the Army of Club Penguin both showed a stunning performance today, and it will certainly be exciting to watch how these armies perform in future battles!

What do YOU think about this practice battle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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