Ot_ter and LEGOMAN Depart Tree Cult Leadership Following Internal Conflicts

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Tree Cult Empire – After only recently being instated as leaders in the army less than a week ago, both LEGOMAN and Ot_ter departed from the Tree Cult leadership. What were the reasons behind their decision?

Ot_ter began her army career in 2020 as a Tree Cult troop, where she ranked up to staff in the army. She then moved onto the Redemption Force and worked her way into leadership. Ot_ter also led the Templars and the Legoman Army and was a Third in Command in the Ice Warriors. She is currently a Third in Command in the Special Weapons and Tactics

LEGOMAN first joined the army community earlier this year through the Dark Warriors. However, after being there for only three days, he decided to move on and join the Ice Warriors. During his time there rising up through the ranks, he decided to create his own army, the Legoman Army. Soon after getting banned from the Ice Warriors, he decided to join the Templars as a Second in Command. LEGOMAN later joined the Crystal Cowboys leadership, which ended quickly following a controversy which took place. He is now a Second in Command in SWAT.

On October 11th, Tree Cult Creator QwertyFusion announced in a brief statement that both Ot_ter and LEGOMAN had left the leadership. He didn’t state any reason as to why both left nor did he go into any detail on it. Both Ot_ter and LEGOMAN explained as to why they were leaving in the army’s announcements channel but were deleted for an unknown reason.

Tree Cult Creator QwertyFusion’s announcement

Both Ot_ter’s and LEGOMAN’s announcements as to why they left

To find out more as to why both leaders left, the CP Army Hub staff reached out to LEGOMAN and Ot_ter for a statement regarding their leave from leadership:

LEGOMAN: Oh sorry lol, I was doing 50 single arm towel pullups. I left the TC leadership team because it started as a chill forest and ended in a forest fire. Qwerty repeatedly disrespected my homeboy Ugly, who was putting way more effort into the army than her, and I now look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame because of how hard I was carrying that army. Oop. Qwerty was even petty enough to delete our retirement messages, but its all k cause I got screenshots. I would even go as far as saying that Qwerty has a bigger ego than me, and that is saying something. Also, I’m allergic to pollen.

Ot_ter: Not supporting the bullying that went on there lmao. Ugly fucking carried the army before we went there, but was subject to all kinds of insults and demotions. I’ll always love the troops, but the polio-infected leaders can kiss my ass ecks dee. #UglyDeservedBetter

To hear the other side of the story, the CP Army Hub reached out to QuertyFusion as well to hear his thoughts regarding the matter:

QwertyFusion: so basically what happened was that, they had come here one day and had asked from one of our leaders, Ugly about leadership as they are pretty good at this, so they were appointed as leaders. They had made some changes in the server and hosted some events when I was going through my exams, and I could not attend any of those. They were kind of mad at me and said I never attend events and never help the server as a creator, so I had told them once what all I have done and have been doing for the server, probably they did not like it that much. Today in the morning (according to me), I saw otter asking me to merge with SWAT or not, legoman supported her. And I had denied that, they said they are gonna leave anyways so we can merge because without them, we are nothing. So I had replied saying that we are not gonna merge, even if we fall, we will fall on our own, but we wont merge. So ot_ter and legoman emphasized how much they had done and how incapable are other leaders and said they need resignation. Then soon after that Legoman and ot_ter announced these messages in TC announcement channel. I had deleted those two, because I did not want the members to know much about their leave and absolutely the last words of otter “you can always find me in SWAT if you need me” were not accepted in an announcement. Soon after that legoman had posted another announcement saying how much I have skipped the events and what they all did and why we should merge as far as I remember. well thats pretty much everything. they were taken down from Leader position after that and legoman was banned for announcing again and trying to say much more than necessary after resignation. That’s all what happened According to our co-creator, they had some to TC so that they can be leader here and when we merge with SWAT, they can be leader there too

From the statements received by Ot_ter and LEGOMAN, it seems as though there were a lot of internal conflicts happening between the leaders, and they won’t be returning to the Tree Cult leadership anytime soon. However, QwertyFusion states that Ot_ter tried to get Tree Cult to merge into SWAT. Following the loss of two leaders, this begs the following questions: how will the Tree Cult fare after the loss of their leaders? Will Ot_ter and LEGOMAN ever return to the Tree Cult, or is this the last we see of them?

What do YOU think about this matter? Did Ot_ter and LEGOMAN make the right decision by stepping down? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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  1. Not epic


  2. tree cult stole my wife and kids in custody


  3. you sure abt that sir?


  4. no ugly it isnt epic 101 btw


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