Rebel Penguin Federation Holds ‘Harry Potter’ Themed Week

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Empire – Starting on Tuesday, the Rebels enjoyed an enchanting, fun-filled Harry Potter themed week. This was clearly an engaging week for staff and troops alike, but what exactly happened during this eventful week?

For their themed week, members of the Rebel Penguin Federation were separated into the four Hogwarts houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin, and engaged in fun mini-games as teams. To kick things off, the Rebels held two Hide and Seek events on Tuesday, one AUSIA, the other US. 37 troops logged onto Zipline, CP Rewritten to compete in the AUSIA hide and seek. Although troops had extremely creative hiding spots, the Rebels’ High Command won their game of AUSIA hide and seek. Continuing their streak, the High Command also clinched the victory for the US hide and seek, which 45 penguins logged on for.

The Rebels’ US hide and seek, maxing 45

The following day, the Rebels held Operation: Defense Against the Dark Arts. 49 troops logged on for this bewitching EU event, held on their capital server, Tuxedo. Full of magical tactics and sorcerous formations, the Rebels had a simply stupendous time.

Find four can be very competitive, which the Rebels soon discovered on Thursday, as they logged onto CP Rewritten and maxed an impressive 57 penguins in their fun game tournament. They competed for the title of Wizard Grandmaster. In first place was a Slytherin competitor, followed by two Gryffindors in second and third place.

In order to prove their potions skills to Professor Snape, the Rebels logged on for Operation: Potions Masters. They achieved a max of 41 for this AUSIA event. Due to their strong tactics, formations and speed, the Rebels proved that they were indeed top of their classes in potions.

The Rebels maxing 41 for Operation: Potions Masters

To conclude their delightful week, the four houses competed in a friendly four-way practice battle. 66 Rebels logged on to participate. Despite there being no official winner, each house demonstrated their pride by claiming their victory. All four houses did an incredible job, and would certainly have made their founders proud. 

Their 4-way practice battle maxing 66 penguins

CP Army Hub reached out to Crazzy, Rebel Commander, for a statement regarding the themed week.

Towards the end of September, I met with my HCOM to discuss our annual Halloween theme. Last year we did a Gotham/Batman theme, so we wanted to change-up this year’s festivities. The difference between this year and last year, is now we have our own Party Planning Committee (PPC) to schedule detailed and fun events in advance. I spoke with my Second in Command, Milly, about doing this Hogwarts themed week as we enter October. The “September Drop” is still possible in the months to follow, so we’ve worked our hardest to decrease that size loss. So keeping that in mind, Milly, PPC and I coordinated an entire themed week that revolved around the Harry Potter series. From our own Sorting Hat quiz (with over 200 participants), to custom Hogwarts house roles, to themed events based around the story of Harry Potter. We finished our long week off with a 4 way battle between the houses, based off the sorting hat placements. It was a fun way to end our festive Rebel Potter Week.

The Rebels certainly had a brilliant and enjoyable Harry Potter themed week, full of adorable profile pictures from the franchise and tons of fun games and events. What did you think of their Harry Potter theme week? Was it effective in combating the September Drop as the Rebels intended? Or would you prefer a different theme?

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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