Return to the Throne: Royals Army Begins Third Generation

SLEET, Former Royals Empire – As the month of October commences and the army community drops the September Drop into the history bin, an old powerhouse army has decided to make its return. The Royals CP recently announced their re-opening event after approximately four months of being shut down. What were the circumstances that led to their return and how will they perform?

Just a few months after their closure, the Royals have announced that they will be back. The Royals shut down mainly due to CPA: The Game’s closure, as the army did not want to move to another CPPS. The powerhouse army was created in March 2019 based on the CPPS Club Penguin Online and saw maxes of 20+ on their events at the time of their closure. The Royals participated in some of the most notable alliances in army history, such as the National Armies Alliance (NAA), the International United Armies (IUA), and a very successful alliance with the Doritos.

A Royals event at the time of the Legends Cup X.

It seems like the Royals aren’t done with their army journey. On September 24th, Royals legend Haley announced their return event. The leaders of this brand new generation of the Royals are Brooke, Haley, Mangoes, and Sophie. While they were scheduled to reopen on October 3rd, suffered some back-end issues moments before the event, resulting in the event being postponed to October 10th. The Royals maxed 32 on their return event, successfully meeting the terms to get registered as an official army in the CP Army Hub’s league.

Royal’s maxing 32 during their revival event.

The Royals have returned to the court and this time they surely mean to rule for much longer. To find out more about the new Royalty, the CP Army Hub team decided to interview their leader Sophie.

Why did you guys decide to revive Royals, just after closure a few months ago?

Our decision to revive came after the shutdown of the Elites and the Doritos. All of us were originally High-Command in the Elites, while Haley departed for DCP after the Elites’ closure. However, after the Doritos shut their doors as well, we were all looking for someplace to call home. It was quite a sudden decision haha, but Royals was always our home army, and we decided to give it a second shot. I’ll admit a part of me always missed Royals; it was the army that shaped who I am in this community today. So when Haley proposed a revival, I decided why not? I’m very glad to be standing here today.

With the opening of Royals and the closure of one of Royals most beloved allies, Doritos, do you expect many members from DCP to join and grow the army to new heights?

Hmm, I wouldn’t say I expect anything about members of the Doritos joining us. That’s their choice completely, and many have made the choice to go to other equally respectable armies. I applaud DCP for giving their troops the chance to choose their new homes. We have had a few Doritos high-command such as Africa, Satchmo, and Shira choose to join the Royals, which I’m very thankful for, but overall there’s no expectations. We do hope, however, to build a strong team of staff, which has proven successful thus far. As for reaching new heights, I hope the leaders and our wonderful staff can work together to give the Royals a new golden age by our own merit.

Speaking of new heights, do you expect that this generation of the Royals can reach record-breaking maxes and maybe transform from a S/M Army to a Large army?

I do want to lead the Royals to new heights. However, a topmost priority is also retaining our attitude that this game should be fun, and that our troops’ enjoyment comes above anything else. The Royals have always been a pretty chill army; I hope we can continue those ideals while also growing the army to new heights and sizes. As for reaching major, I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

And finally, is there anything you would like to say to those that plan to join?

If anyone is thinking of joining us, then I’d say welcome! We’d be very glad to have you join our warm little family. Get ready for lots of laughter and (virtual) hugs. As always, loyal to the royals! ❤

After this event, the Royals look all set to reconquer their empire and return to the top. Another generation of the Royals seems to be on the rise! Will the Royals rise once again? Will this new generation become a mighty army that others will need to look out for?

What do YOU think? Can the Royals match their previous successes? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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