Top Ten Armies [10/4/20-10/10/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The most recent community rankings witnesses the return of an absent army.

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♦ 1. Rebel Penguin Federation [89.81]

 2. Ice Warriors [77.58]

 3. Army of Club Penguin [75.68]

 4. Help Force [68.05] 

5. Water Vikings [67.65]

[NEW!] 6. Dark Warriors [64.50] 

7. Army of the Orient Seas [44.37]

8. Water Ninjas [44.10]

 9. Special Weapons and Tactics [40.33]

 10. Templars [40.11]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebels had a fun Harry Potter themed week, hosting a grand total of ten events. They kicked it off with an AUSIA squid themed event, maxing 37. Later the same day, they held a branch battle, Captain America versus Air Force, with a total of 49 troops in attendance. Tuesday saw 37 and 45 troops log on for an AUSIA and US hide and seek, respectively. With Wednesday brought their mid-week EU event, this time being Operation: Defense Against the Dark Arts, where they maxed 49. Thursday saw another EU Find Four Tournament with 57 troops in attendance. On Friday the Rebels hosted another AUSIA Harry Potter themed event, maxing 41, and later a US branch battle with 42 Rebels. To conclude their week, the Rebels first hosted an AUSIA training with a size of 47, before fighting an exciting three-way battle with their divisions and the Water Vikings. They pulled off an astounding 71 max, successfully concluding another brilliant week. 

2. Ice Warriorshe Ice Warriors had quite a busy week with a solid six events under their name. Kicking off the week, they had an AUSIA Practice Battle with the Templars where they won all three rooms maxing a total of 38 troops. IW then had a U-Lead the same day where they had a max of 50 troops. Their next event took place two days later having their Halloween Ghost Puffle Takeover in which they maxed 51 warriors. The following day, they had another Practice Battle. This time, a divisional Practice Battle with their ally SWAT where the score ended 2-1-0 for their Polar division with them tying room three with SWAT, they maxed a total of 46 IW troops. Nearing the end of their week they help a sled racing tournament where they hit a max of 40 penguins and the winner being Freedomist. To end off their week they had an AUSIA special training event maxing 35 troops.

3. Army of Club PenguinACP had a busy week with 7 events. They started off with a UK Troop U-lead event on Monday, maxing 38. The next day, they had an AUSIA Driving school event, with 31 troops. Wednesday they held a US balloon takeover, with a max of 38. The same day, they held a UK/US Monsters Inc. Takeover, while maxing 40 penguins. On Thursday, they held an AUSIA stamp collecting event, maxing 37. They held a US Fair Takeover on Friday, seeing a max of 40. To finish off their eventful week, they had an AUSIA Practice Battle vs. HF, with an impressive max of 65.

4. Help ForceThe Force had a event-packed week this week with a total of 6 events this week! They kicked off the week with an EU event dubbed “Moo Moo Takeover” in which Help Force troops dawned cow costumes and put on an udderly good show. They had a max of 31 troops. Their next was an AUSIA event “Soccer Takeover” where the Force dressed up in their best team uniforms and completed football based tactics. This maxed 41 troops. Following on from this their US event “Yellow Duck Takeover” was a fun little event where troops dressed up in the Yellow Duck Costume and waddled from Town all the way to the Beach, maxing 21 troops overall. Their next and oddly yellow event was another EU “Chocolate Ice-cream Takeover” where troops sported the EW emote across three different rooms with a max of 31 troops, topping their previous event by 10. In their next AUSIA event, Help Force demonstrated their strength in the “Strongman Takeover” event where troops gave put their strongest tactics to the test. An impressive max of 32 troops. Continuing with the AUSIA theme, their final event was a practice battle between Help Force and the Army of Club Penguin. While Help Force didn’t take home the win, the event came with an immense max of 61 troops and their highest of the week!

5. Water VikingsThe Water Vikings had a busy week, beginning things with a grape-themed event, maxing 30 penguins in this purpley event. The Vikings then held an exciting three-way practice battle between their two divisions and the Water Ninjas, maxing 48 and resulting in a win for the Water Vikings’ Arctic division! Continuing their week, the Vikings held another three-way practice battle, this time between their two divisions and the Crimson Guardians. Again, the Vikings’ Arctic division pulled off another win, with the Vikings maxing a slick 34 penguins overall. On Wednesday, the Vikings partook in an exciting practice battle against the Red Ravagers, maxing 26 and taking home a win. Finally, to close out their week, the Vikings participated in a three-way practice battle between RPF’s two divisions and themselves, maxing 40 penguins, and resulting in a nerve-wracking battle that had everyone on the edge of their seats, ending in a tie between themselves and RPF’s Navy division. Amazing week Vikings!

6. Dark WarriorsThe Warriors kicked their week with a Spy-themed event in which they achieved a max size of 28. Their second event this week was a celebration of their 13th anniversary, they managed to achieve an impressive max of 91.

7. Army of the Orient Seasthe Army of the Orient Seas started their week off strong with AUSIA training events on both the 5th and the 7th, maxing 17 and 16 respectively. They then held an AUSIA battle training event on the 9th, maxing 23 penguins. Finally, to close out their week, AOS held a US training event, maxing an impressive 25 penguins!

8. Water NinjasThe Water Ninjas started their week of 5 events off with a bang! having a practice battle with the Water Vikings divisions where they sadly won no rooms but maxed an impressive 15 penguins while putting up a great fight. Their next event was yet ANOTHER practice battle, this time with fellow small-medium army PZF where they won 2/3 rooms securing the win with a healthy 21 troops. Nearing the end of the Water ninjas week they had their 3rd practice battle in a row. They faced off against the Golden Troops where they maxed 20 ninjas and won with a score of 2-1. Then they held a training event where they maxed 18 troops and ended their week off with a card jitsu tournament where they maxed 19 troops.

9. Special Weapons and TacticsThe Special Weapons and Tactics participated in three events over the course of this week. They started off the week strong on Monday with a Training Event maxing 25. On Wednesday, SWAT engaged in a fierce practice battle against the Ice Warriors with 21 troops in attendance. Finishing off their week with a blast, the Special Weapons and Tactics hosted a Halloween Costume Contest and Training on Sunday with a peak of 27 troops.

10. TemplarsThe Templars week consisted of six events. They first held an AUSIA battle against the Ice Warriors, with 6 in attendance. Another two AUSIA events saw sizes of 6 and 14, while a late US ‘Snowflake Takeover’ witnessed a turnout of 22 penguins. 18 Templars attended their Victory March, and a 13-person practice battle against the Crimson Guardians concluded their week.

Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


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