Hannah Retires From the Help Force Leadership

ZIPLINE, Help Force Empire – As we approach the start of the Freight or Fight Tournament, armies of all sizes are doing what they can to prepare their troops for another CP Army Hub Tournament. But as of today, leaders of the Help Force will have to do so with one less leader as Hannah has announced her retirement from Help Force Leadership.

Hannah first came into the army community in May of 2019 and immediately joined the Help Force. She was recruited by an in-game recruiter on Club Penguin Online. Although she did not start becoming an active Helper until December of that year, she was involved in a few other armies, none of which were permanent. Following HF’s decision to leave CPO and move to Club Penguin Rewritten, she decided it was time for her to become an active Helper. She recruited daily for the army and eventually applied to join their staff team alongside Kendall and Faz. Following the passing of her trial staff term, she soared through all the ranks until she became the Leader of the Help Force in August of this year.

Although her reign in the Help Force leadership was brief, Hannah was able to accomplish a few things during her term. On August 21st, the Help Force engaged in a practice battle with the Ice Warriors and won with a 2-0-1 victory under Hannah’s and Barnito’s leadership, even reaching an astonishing peak of 54 penguins. Additionally, during the week from September 27th to October 3rd, the Help Force was able to reach number three on the Top Ten list!

HF vs. IW on August 21st

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and Hannah announced her retirement on October 7th. However, she did not officially retire until October 11th, when the Help Force held a retirement event in her honor. The event was to pay tribute to all that she has done for the army and to show their utmost gratitude for the months of service she gave to HF.

Hannah’s Retirement Announcement

Hannah’s Retirement Event

The CP Army Hub staff were able to reach out to Hannah for her thoughts regarding her retirement.

What ultimately led up to your retirement?


What has been your favorite memory whilst leading Help Force?

Probably my retirement event but before that it would be getting Leader

Do you plan on returning to leadership in the future?


How do you think Help Force will perform in your absence?

I think it’s in perfect hands and that it won’t slack in any way, Barney is a great leader
As you can see, Hannah clearly thinks that the Help Force is in nothing short of fantastic hands under Barney’s leadership. Even though the month of September is clearly behind us, it appears that we have seen yet another leader from this community become a victim of the decline this time of year. With the loss of a fantastic leader, how will the Help Force fare? What lies in store for this army next? Only time will tell.
What do YOU think? How will the Help Force cope with the loss of their leader Hannah? Let us know in the comments section below!
CP Army Hub Reporter
CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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