Double Trouble: IW and ACP Claim Practice Battle Victories

ALASKA, Battle Ground – A pair of intense practice battles occurred earlier today between two sets of powerful armies. The first battle began with the Water Vikings engaging in battle with the Ice Warriors. Following closely afterwards, the Army of Club Penguin took on the Special Weapons and Tactics in another fierce practice battle. Although all four armies proved to be strong powerhouses, which two claimed victory today?

Ice Warriors vs. the Water Vikings

On October 13th, the Water Vikings engaged with the Ice Warriors on the battlefield. While the Vikings reached a total attendance of 59 troops, the Warriors amassed an astonishing 75 troops. With both armies pulling impressive numbers and boasting great tactics and formations, who won?


Both armies entered with strong bombs when the battle began on the Iceberg. Although the Ice Warriors held the size advantage, the Water Vikings were able to make up for some of the difference by performing stellar tactics and clear formations. However, due to the stunning size difference, the Warriors were able to overpower and cover the Vikings, thus winning the first room.

IW vs. WV in the first room: Iceberg


The Ice Warriors still held a slight size advantage when both armies moved to the Stadium next, ready to engage in battle again. However, the Vikings quickly stepped up their game and were able to keep up with the Warriors despite the difference in numbers. Due to the impressive efforts shown from both sides, the two armies were able to snag a tie for the second room.

IW vs. WV in the second room: Stadium

Snow Forts

After an exciting two rooms, the Warriors and the Vikings headed to the Forts next to finish up the battle. Once again, the huge size difference shown by the Ice Warriors gave them a slight advantage throughout the room. Both armies performed great tactics and efficiency, but the present size advantage gave the Ice Warriors the edge yet again to nab the win in the final room of the battle.

IW vs. WV in the third room: Snow Forts

Both armies showed up strong, performing an exciting and thrilling battle for all spectators. However, the Ice Warriors were able to pull off the overall win with an astounding score of 2-0-1. Congratulations to the Ice Warriors for their fabulous performance!

The judges’ verdict

Army of CP vs. the Special Weapons and Tactics

Just an hour later following an intense battle, the Army of Club Penguin took on the Special Weapons and Tactics during the second of two major practice battles. Throughout this event, the Army of CP logged on with a stunning peak of 73 penguins while the Special Weapons and Tactics met their opponent with a total of 42 troops.


The Army of CP entered the first room strong, fast, and energized. They nearly held an astonishing size advantage of 30 troops and managed to consistently cover SWAT despite their strong efforts. Although the Special Weapons and Tactics put up a great fight, it wasn’t strong enough to secure the room. Due to their size, speed, and neatness, the Army of CP took the Iceberg.

ACP vs. SWAT in the first room: Iceberg

Inside Dojo

After an intense first room, both armies moved into the Dojo next. The Special Weapons and Tactics continued to push out strong tactics throughout the second room, but their efforts weren’t enough to keep up with the dominance of the Army of CP in this battle. Due to their fabulous performance, the Clovers won another room yet again.

ACP vs. SWAT in the second room: Inside Dojo

Inside Mine

In the third room, the Army of CP were able to keep their size and use it to their advantage once more. On top of this, their great organization and efficiency proved too much for the Special Weapons and Tactics to handle. Showing off a spectacular performance once more, the Clover Defenders won the final room, sweeping the overall win as well.

ACP vs. SWAT in the third room: Inside Mine

Although both armies put up a great fight once again, the Army of CP dominated this practice battle while taking home the win with an impressive score of 3-0-0. Great work to both armies, and congratulations to the Army of CP on their victory!

The judges’ verdict

Both of today’s intense practice battles were definitely exciting to watch, and all four participating armies certainly put up a great fight. The victors of the day, the Ice Warriors and the Army of CP, boasted size advantages throughout the battles that helped hoist them to the top. With all four armies performing spectacularly today, it will definitely be interesting to watch how these armies fare in future battles, especially with CP Army Hub’s Fright or Fight tournament coming soon on October 17th!

What do YOU think about today’s packed schedule? Let us know in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee

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