Fright or Fight: Meet The Judges

ALASKA, Fright or Fight Boardroom – With the tournament set to begin this weekend, we present to you the final list of Fright or Fight judges.

It is vital for the entire community to know and trust each judge deciding this tournament. Every single judge works hard to make unbiased decisions in battles, especially decisions as important as the ones featured in the Fright or Fight. Our official panel of judges is going to judge based on tactics, formations, agility, size, consistency among various other factors. In order to trust the decisions they are making in the tournament, we must understand who they are as people first. For these reasons, we’ve compiled a statement from each of them.

(Subject to additions on the basis of availability)


Army Affiliations: None

What up fellas, it’s ya boy. I’m sure you all know who I am by now but if you don’t, make sure to mass message Max and ask him who I am. Anyways, I’ve been around the block for the last year in terms of judging, taking part as a judge in CPA, CPANN, CPAM, and CPAH, while also judging tournaments such as CPANN’s November to Remember, CPAM’s Premier League Tournament, CPAM/CPAL’s Legends Cup X, and CPAH’s Beach Brawl. I look forward to judging what is sure to be a great tournament, and may the best army win!


Army Affiliations: None

Ello lads, I’m LuciferStar, I dont have a big resume because I joined Club Penguin Armies in the 2020 CPPS gen. You’ll mostly remember me as part of the CP Army League Board of Directors and CEO of CPAL and CPAH. In my short tenure in CPA, I’ve judged several big battles as well as the August Sadness and Beach Brawl. It’s always a pleasure to judge some of the biggest battles this community has ever seen in its history. Oh and I’m not affiliated to any army so I’ll bias for whoever pays me first. Good luck to all the armies participating in the Fright or Fight tournament!


Army Affiliations: None

Hi, I’m Cassie, CPAH’s best VP and a pretty cool Head Judge. This is my first tournament I’ll be judging, but I’ve had a lot of experience judging since I started. I’ve been around CPA since 2018, but I haven’t been enlisted in an army for around 7 months. Since joining armies, I’ve made it to third-in-command of my old army and Editor-in-Chief in CPAM. I’m very excited to judge Fright or Fight and I can’t wait to start!


Army Affiliations: Royals

Hey! I’m Sophie, a current Royals leader. I joined the community in 2019, started judging around the time the CP Army Hub formed, and I’m one of the currently serving head judges. Judging is something that I’ve always admired and enjoyed, and I take pride in providing unbiased and fair results. Looking forward to an exciting tournament, best of luck to all the armies competing!


Army Affiliations: Dark Warriors

Hi I’m Caramel, and I’m currently a Second in Command at the Dark Warriors. I first became a judge in CPAL around early to mid June and became a judge in CPAH shortly after. I also judged the most recent tournament in CPAH, Beach Brawl! Throughout the Fright or Fight tournament, I will make sure to judge fairly and to the best of my abilities. I can’t wait to judge and good luck to all participating armies! 😀


Army Affiliations: Rebel Penguin Federation

Hi everyone! I’m Crazzy, current Rebel Commander of RPF. I’ve been in RPF for well over a year, and HCOM for about 10 months. As for judging experience I oversee branch battles within my army every weekend, was an official judge for the Beach Brawl tournament, was a judge for CPAM and CPAH sanctioned battles and invasions, and overall I have a great concept of being both fair and unbiased. I’m excited to see the armies get their chance to compete at the highest level in Fright or Fight. Best of luck to everyone participating in the tournament!


Army Affiliations: Army of Club Penguin, Army of the Orient Seas

Hey, my name is Robot I’m currently a part of ACP’s HCOM and also advise AOS. I wanted to judge because I have no agenda and want the best army to win, I intend to remain unbiased and to give the best verdicts in my eyes. Looking forward to this tournament, good luck everyone.


Army Affiliations: Army of the Orient Seas

Hi I’m Intrinsic but you can call me Trins! I really do wanna judge battles in general. I’m really glad to be part of the judging team for the FOF tournament. Being biased is not on my blood flow :> #AgainstBiasedJudges.


Army Affiliations: None

After my brilliant judging performances in Legends Cup X and Beach Brawl, as well as my general good looks, CPAH had no choice but to beg me to return as judge for Fright or Fight. I’ve been judging tournaments for longer than I can remember, and I’m excited to judge yet another one from Pook’s traphouse. With my only affiliation being CPAH, you can expect me judging many of your battles, especially considering y’all make way too many close allies. For future reference, after every battle the loser must kiss the ground where I stood while judging. Happy tournamenting all!


Army Affiliations: Dark Champions

Hello people behind a computer screen, My name is AustinFraud, the current leader of Dark Champions. The reason why I decided to apply to judge the prestigious tournament is because of my excitement to witness nail-biting battles, who doesn’t love to judge an epic battle. I look forward to witnessing spectacular Formations, Bombs, and anything that’s really impressive. Since I am the leader of Dark Champions, we are allied with 4 armies participating in the tournament and they are ACP, WV, AOS, and Red Ravagers. Good luck to the armies participating, may the best win.


Army Affiliations: Pizza Federation, Army of Club Penguin

Hey I’m Light! I joined armies May this year and I became a judge 2 months ago. I was promoted to Head Judge (for some reason) about a week ago and this will be my first tournament! I’m really excited to judge because I’ll be witnessing history. I know each army is going to bring their best and I can’t wait to see it and fairly decide a winner out of all of these determined competitors.


Army Affiliations: Water Vikings

Greetings! My name is Super(hero123) and I am a member of the army community since 2013. I have led various S/M armies throughout my career, primarily AUSIA based ones, but I am better known for being the creator and main developer of CPA:TG, as well as a former CPA League Administrator. I have judged in a variety of tournaments like CPA’s Summer Circuit and the latest Legends Cup, as well as many army PBs and war battles as an ex-administrator of a league. I believe I can be just and unbiased, having proven such a stance with my judgements in previous tournaments and on my run as a CPATG administrator. I wanted to judge in this tournament because I think that I contribute positively with my pro judging skillz :P! My only current army affiliation is with Water Vikings as a LIT, but I have proven in the past that I put the greater good of the community over any role I have in an army. Feeling spooky already?


Army Affiliations: Ice Warriors, Special Weapons and Tactics, Mangoes, Water Ninjas

My name is Regan, I’m currently one of the head judges in CPAH and have been judging since my return to the community in March. I’ve Judged many battles including the final of the Challengers cup and many giant clashes. I joined the army community in March 2010 where I’ve joined the Ice Warriors and stayed on and off for 5 years before joining the Water Vikings for 6 months before leaving the community. I re-joined due to lockdown of course returning to my home army IW. This time becoming a leader on April 15th and have been giving my all for IW! Hope we have a great tournament and everyone has fun!


Army Affiliations: Dark Warriors

Hiiii, i’m Spotty and currently i’m a leader for Dark Warriors and have been in the army community since 2018. Currently I have no affiliations to any army participating in the tournament, so I can judge freely and fairly. In CPAH I serve as a Head Judge, and previously i’ve judged the Legends Cup Tournament and Beach Brawl. I love judging and seeing how creative armies can be with their tactics and formations. I’m looking forward to seeing what each army can bring into the tournament. Good luck to all of the armies involved!


Army Affiliations: Ice Warriors, Water Ninjas, Clown Rebellion

Hi I’m Orange! I joined the army community back in July 2012 and I am currently LIT for the Ice Warriors. More importantly however, I have been selected as a judge for this year’s rendition of Fright or Fight! I have judged a plethora of tournaments and battles in the past, and I take judging extremely seriously, always making sure that the best army from each battle respectfully takes the victory. As a judge, I have always held myself to a high standard to remain unbiased.

Having now met our official judges, we hope that you will be able to place more trust in their decisions. With the tournament rapidly approaching, we advise all of the competitors to begin preparing themselves. In order for the judges to give you the results you want to hear, you need to give them the battle they want to see. May the best army win!

What do YOU think about the Fright or Fight judges? Will any surprise upsets happen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 


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