Semi Retires From Club Penguin Armies

White House, Water Ninjas’ Empire – The Water Ninjas recently faced a huge loss as one of their leaders retired. Water Ninjas leader Semi announced his decision to retire from the army and the community as a whole on October 12th. What was the reason behind Semi’s retirement?

Semi first join the army community as an Ice Warriors troop, later moving to armies like the Pirates and the Golds. Soon after he was promoted to Second In Command in the Golds, Semi left the army and created the Fighter Pilots alongside Jenn. After a few successful months with the Pilots, he decided to end that phase of his career. He left the Pilots to return to the Ice Warriors as a trusted staff and was later appointed as a leader of the Water Ninjas. Semi remained as a staff member in the Ice Warriors and the leader of the Ninjas until now.

Event leaded by Semi and other leaders

A Water Ninjas event led by Semi

On October 12th, Semi announced that he will retire from armies in a sorrowful post in the Water Ninjas Discord server. It’s obvious that his fellow army friends and troops will miss him, and he will stay as an Advisor though. Maybe he won’t guide with the other leaders the army he loves, but the Water Ninjas will stay alive.

Semi's Post

Semi’s retirement post

To gain a deeper insight into his retirement from the army community, the CP Army Hub team reached out to Semi for an exclusive interview.

Note: The following interview has solely been slightly edited for grammar.

What is the reason for your retirement from Club Penguin Armies?

I retired from CP Armies because my personal life has recently become way more hectic. I had to spend more time with my irl friends and whatnot, so as Ron Swanson said, never half-ass two things, whole-ass one.

Will you ever return to armies?

I will come back one day. I will return in December, the iciest month when I have winter break and birthday so fun but it won’t be for 9 months like this one so yeah that’s kinda sad buy yay but sad

How do you think the Water Ninjas will perform without you?

Water ninjas will perform AMAZING even without me. The blessing of god kermit will be sad for sme, but we will continue to destroy the competition. water ninjas forever and :man_dancing:come:dancer:on:man_dancing:shake:dancer:your:man_dancing:body:dancer:baby :dancer:do:man_dancing:that:dancer:conga:man_dancing:know:dancer:you:man_dancing:cant:dancer:control:man_dancing:yourself:dancer:any:man_dancing:longer:dancer::man_dancing::dancer::man_dancing:

 It has been confirmed that Semi will return to armies as an early Christmas gift for the Water Ninjas. His tenure as a leader certainly proved beneficial for the Ninjas and his presence will be missed by the Water Ninjas and the army community in general.

What do YOU think? How will the Water Ninjas cope until Semi’s return in December? Can the Water Ninjas keep up their good performances? Let us know in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


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