Know Your Army Meme: Help Force

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Scorpion’s Desk – Welcome to the last edition of the Know Your Army Meme! In this column we take a look at the funniest memes and inside jokes of one army. This issue features a major army, the Help Force!

Author’s Note: CPAH’s GFX Designer Maxine contributed this amazing commemorative graphic for the last edition of this column. I totally didn’t force her to make it for me after waking her up at 3 am, I’m a good person. 

The Help Force is one of the strongest major armies of the community. The army is known for many achievements including finishing as the runners-up of the Legends Cup X tournament. Help Force has one of the biggest and most active communities in armies. Moreover, their performance in battles is always exemplary, often leaving their opponents overwhelmed. Another of their more notable feats was that they won one room against the undefeated Rebel Penguin Federation in an AUSIA practice battle. But do their inside jokes and memes match their high caliber reputation in army matters? To find out more about their meme culture, I decided to interview Barnito, Elp, Hannah and Kendal from Help Force’s Higher Command.

Which is your favorite meme from your time in the Help Force?

Hannah: My favourite HF meme is JTS which is Juanita Typo syndrome. This is a syndrome we give to people who frequently make typos just like Juanita our ex leader did.

Barnito: There’s been a lot of memes, but the one which stands out for me is definitely going to be JTS, aka Juanita Typing Syndrome. Juanita was our ex-chief, who made a significantly large amount of typos all the time. JTS made me feel more involved in HF as a troop. Kidding around whenever she made those typos xD I believe Elp started with Juanita Day, a day of celebrating JTS, on 15th of every month. There’s also the dreaded and feared HF Syndrome, something new troops are affected with. A week without sleep and constant talking/chatting, attending events, partying in the vc, even having dreams about HF, yeap, then you have the HF Syndrome.

An illustration by Barney depicting the JTS Syndrome

Kendal: I’ve enjoyed a ton of memes in HF, a smaller known one was Tizza Pakeover, which most of the staff knew few months ago what it meant. However JTS is the most long lasting meme that is recognized by pretty much all troops in HF because our ex-2ic Juanita. Juanita would make a ton of typos constantly and everyone would tease her. It was basically a routine seen everyday and we still celebrate JTS in form of Juanita Day.


Elp: I have to say I’m very divided because there’s a lot of memes in HF that are referenced daily. But my two favorite ones are the “Blame elp for the chaos”, basically I’m known for causing chaos in the chat but not all the chaos is my fault but people just blame me anyway. There’s also the SQUIDMITS. My beautiful creation during a bored moment for doing a raid. It’s an alien squid with Kermit’s head.. :squidmit:

What is the “Hannah being a 5yo meme”?

Elp: Basically, Hannah never revealed her voice in a VC before but everyone thought she was old and mature. To our surprise, when she first spoke in VC she did sound like a 5-year-old toddler so everyone thought she lied about her age and that’s how we all think Hannah is a 5 year old.

Hannah and Barney: 5 year old and the dinosaur

Author’s Note: Because, you know, Barney the dinosaur… get it? 

Hannah: The Hannah being 5 meme is something made up by a load of weirdos cause they have nothing else to do with their lives:sparkles:

I’ve heard a lot about their existing a title called “HF heir”, what is the story behind this?

Hannah: OKAy SO BasiCALLY. HF HEIR has originated from CPMASTER. He joined the server a couple of months ago and claimed he joined originally in 2018. He then asked if he could be the heir to hf after elp retires (incase elp did) So from there elp gives a load of people hf heir so they can be happy for a few minutes really. We also had gaze heir once with our raccoon meme we had because raccoons are amazing. A group of raccoons is called a gaze yk? :v:

Elp: HF Heir is supposed to be the new Guardian of the server once I retire. CPMaster was the first to ask to become Heir but ever since it’s become a meme and everyone rejoices when there’s a new HF heir chanting “HEIR HEIR HEIR”. But the heirs have rules too, they can’t be heir for more than 5 minutes and a same person a cannot be heir twice. I wonder who’ll be in charge once I leave..

Can you explain the US Chaos meme?

Kendal: US chaos is pretty much doing US times, as the name “US chaos”. Basically it means someone finds something weird and creates it into a meme and it used a ton doing US times. Sometimes it’s big groups of friends doing it and changing their pfp to the theme, for example we did bid ed pfp with about 10ish people and we spammed “I miss my neck” and we used a ton of emotes and spammed those too, :BIGEDGETTINGCLEAN: :BIGEDIMISSMYNECK: :BIGEDSHOWERWITHDAD: . Similar to radio rebel pfps, and spammed, “I am Radio Rebel.” TLDR, we find random things and make memes out of them and “troll” chat during US times

Who is the person who gets joked upon the most in the army?

Elp: There’s a new victim memed person almost every week. One I recall the best is Hstergirl for her infamous phrases about a normal day in HF, or better known as “keeping up with the helpers”

Help Force’s hilarious memes bring a fitting end to this amazing column. Interviewing the Helpers is one of the best experiences ever as they are always sincere and fun to talk to. Certainly, this army is based on one of the best and most cheerful communities. Let’s hope that the army’s meme culture continues to thrive for the months to come.

In case you missed it, this is the last edition of the Know Your Army Meme column. The column is put on indefinite hold for now. 

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


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