The Next Leader: Rishchamp of the Dark Warriors

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Welcome to the first edition of The Next Leader, written by Reporter Kally. In this weekly column, the CP Army Hub staff acquaints themselves with the Leaders-in-Training of our army community. After all, they are the future leaders of the army community. What are their thoughts on leadership? What should we expect from them? Who are our next leaders?

The first edition of The Next Leader features Rishchamp, one of the two Leaders-in-Training of the Dark Warriors. His army career started back in 2015 when he was approached by Waterkid100. He then lured Rishchamp into the Light Troops, promising free Club Penguin memberships. Rishchamp then stayed in the army for about a year, although he had no clue about how armies worked.

Three years later, in December 2019, Rishchamp encountered members of the Pirates recruiting on Club Penguin Online. Once again, he found his way into the army scene. Back then, the Pirates were allied with the Dark Warriors and in February, Rishchamp started to acknowledge the army’s charm. He then briefly switched to serve as a moderator for Redemption Force, but finally in March, decided to settle down in the Dark Warriors.

For over half a year now, Rishchamp has loyally fought alongside his fellow Dark Warriors. On July 18th, Noa announced his promotion to Leader in Training. He has truly become an essential part of the army and is always there for the laughs, even when the joke is on him for being the hippo-simp of the army.

Noa announcing Rishchamp’s promotion to Leader in Training

The CP Army Hub staff reached out to Rishchamp for an interview regarding his views on becoming and being a leader.

What would be the first three things you’d do if you were promoted to leader tomorrow?

First, I would thank the leaders and the rest of DW for my amazing journey. I would talk about how I never expected to achieve such high standards but got there anyway. Secondly, I would become as well known in the community as I can. This ranges from meeting leaders in S/M armies to becoming more familiar with allied leaders such as BIA. And finally, I would like to establish a stronger connection in the army through all the ranks including HCOM, Staff, and Members. I want to reveal that I am just a normal person that people can approach if they have any concerns. Which I have already started doing as LIT.

Would you then say that friendships are your priority in armies? Or do you focus more on recruiting, invasions, wars etc?

I would like to balance both, but side more towards friendship. I am very interested in invasions, wars, tourneys, and etc; especially if it builds DW’s reputation in the community. And besides, who doesn’t like a bit of action? Friendship would outweigh this reason though. This community was founded off of friendship and competition. Armies in general would be no where close to where they are now if it weren’t for bonding and long lasting friendships. I love to interact with everyone and I hope they can see me as a role model not only for being a hard worker in the army, but also as a friend.

Who do you credit as a big influencer of your army career?

Waterkid. :GWjianWut: Jk lmao. I don’t think I have had any influencers in my army career. I relied on myself more since I was a bit new to the community and didn’t have experience with big names. I have definitely had people guide me such as Noa, Fluv, Julia, Megann, Myra, Freezie, Spotty and others in the DW army as I went up the ranks, they became my family. I respected them, learned to think independently, and most importantly, learned cooperation.

What do you think makes an army successful? What would you have to achieve to call yourself a successful leader?

Active members and an unbreakable bond between staff and leaders. The brain of the army is the leaders, heart of the army is the staff, and the legs that keep the army running is the members. I think every moment as leader is success itself. Appreciating what I have and seeing everyone happy is what I think is successful. What I would have to achieve has already been done. I love my army and the people in it. I love the drama that occurs in the community. I love meeting new members in different armies. I love participating in tournaments and battles. This is already my success. It just needs further expansion.

Last one! If you could only use one emote tactic, which one would it be?

we watchin a reality tv show hose :flopdance:
just full of penguins instead

Rishchamp is certainly ready to take on his role as a leader and is already proud of what he has accomplished during his army career. He intends to strengthen the friendships within the army community and the Dark Warriors. All that is left, is to wait for that one last promotion…

What do YOU think? Do you agree with Rishchamp’s view on leadership? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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