Love You Goodbye: Mare, Grace, and Phoebe Depart One Direction Army Leadership

SPARKLE, One Direction Army’s Empire – As we head in further into the month of October, more retirements have blossomed in the community. The One Direction Army witnesses a heavy leadership change, with Mare, Grace, and Phoebe departing from the army. What led them to the decision to retire?

On October 16th, One Direction Army creator and legend, Aubz, made the confirmation that Mare, Grace, and Phoebe have departed from the leadership. Despite there being no formal announcement, CP Army Hub reached out to Aubz to get a statement about the leadership changes however, we were unable to receive a reply in time.

All three of these highly experienced individuals started somewhere in the community. Grace joined the army in May, eventually rising up to lead with her hard work and dedication. Phoebe tagged along to join the army for Third-in-Command after leading the People’s Imperial Confederation during the Challengers Cup. Mare also made her entrance to the army shortly after being a moderator in Special Weapons And Tactics.

The army has been known to aspire to new heights, ever since their arrival to the community. Maintaining consistent maxes is an impressive achievement for them, especially as a small/medium army.

The most recent event from the army, a Disney themed tactic event

As of now, the army has been striving with their fun events and maintaining a reasonable place on the small/medium Top Ten Armies.

The army placing 8th on the small/medium Top Ten Armies.

To find out further details, CP Army Hub took the opportunity to reach out to Grace and Phoebe to hear their thoughts regarding their retirements. Unfortunately, we could not get an interview with Mare in time.

What led you to the decision to retire?

Grace: Although I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in ODA, at this time, I’ve decided to peruse other opportunities.

Phoebe: Well, the main reasons I retired is because of school. Midterms for me are this week and I am trying to keep my grades up so leading a club penguin army isn’t really my first priority at the moment.

Do you plan on returning to the army in the future?

Grace: At this moment, no I do not intend on doing so.

Phoebe: No.

What was your favourite memory while leading the army?

Grace: My favourite memory with ODA would be, the countless friendships, and community I’ve been able to create and foster, and the simple fun we’ve had in doing things such as the late nights on VC and hosting fun events together.

Phoebe: I have a couple, one of them being almost deleting main chat and meeting some of my best friends like Grace and Mare and a lot of other people.

Do you think the army will strive without you?

Grace: I’m proud of the all the hard work and dedication that we’ve all equally put into the army. I’m wishing the remaining members and the overall army well without me.

Phoebe: Yes, the current leaders are very capable of leading the army to the top.

Furthermore, the former leaders decided retirement is what would have worked out for them in the long run. Without a doubt, they seem confident that the army will continue to aspire without their assistance. It’s clear that they enjoyed their time in the army, however, in-real-life commitments await them outside the community. With this new leadership change, how will the One Direction Army fare?

What do YOU think? Will the One Direction Army make their way to the top without their three former leaders? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below.


CP Army Hub Reporter


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