Romans Celebrate Fourteenth Anniversary and Announce Shutdown

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Romans’ Empire   As the Romans celebrated their 14th-anniversary, they also announced their decision to close the army’s doors. They held one last bittersweet event for this generation of a well-known and longstanding army. What was the reason behind their shutdown?

The Romans were founded on October 6th, 2006 by Explorer7777. They are one of the oldest armies still around today and recently celebrated their fourteenth anniversary on October 16th. The Romans saw many ups and downs during its tenure in the original Club Penguin, however with the closure of the game, they moved to Club Penguin Rewritten, and later, on March 2nd, 2018 they chose to shut down. Nevertheless, the army was revived in December 2019 and once again in July 2020, living on till now.   

A recent Romans training event

On October 16th, the Romans celebrated their fourteenth anniversary with a unique procession. First, they logged onto Toboggan on Club Penguin Rewritten and held a Roman triumph for their emperor, Ray el Rey, where they paraded him through the entire map. Then, they had an afterparty to celebrate their anniversary and also reunite their veterans. To end the event, they played Card Jitsu and concluded with a splendid max of 18.

The anniversary/shutdown event for the Romans

However, despite the glorious celebrations, this would also be the Romans’ last event. Just days prior, they announced on the 14th the decision to officially shut down.

The Romans’ announcement to shut down

CP Army Hub was, fortunately, able to sit down with Romans’ senator Dino for a quick interview.

Why did you decide to shut down the Romans?

Unfortunately Romans have to close. While our maxs are still strong even despite the drama back in late August, I have chosen to close Romans with the other senators due to the fact that Romans have no leaders as of now. I’m not a formal leader anymore and have been leading from my guardian position.

I’ve only been caring since it’s the Romans anniversary. Since Battlefield, Tymatt, Aisha, and Gilgamesh all left, we just don’t have any leaders. And that’s the curse Romans have. Romans always does good when revived but always fails due to something happening within the leadership. Luck of the draw, I guess.

I also can’t hire any other since everyone has been grabbed and I lost trust in a lot of “leader applicants”. People always say “I want to lead Romans and make it succeed” but they dip after 1 week. I’m surprised Smurf trusted me in December of 2019 and I’ve been trying to make up for it.

Romans accomplished it’s goal, though. While we weren’t able to get those maxs of 20+ consistently as I planned and didn’t get many DCP refugees, we actually had an impact over these 3 months. Just check the census. The fact that we appeared for “what was your first army” and “what is your current army” and was bigger than armies like GT is good. I’ve proved to the army community that Romans do have a legacy (even if cursed) to this day, and I proved to the community that CPR armies will always have loyaler bases than the CPO armies.

Do you think the Romans will ever be revived in the future?

Honestly considering Romans’ history, it probably will. It just cant rest haha. But unless you have a majority guardian approval from myself, Games, Smurf, Lynx, Cobra, Ray, and Twitchy, you won’t be getting legitimacy. I personally would like Romans to stay closed. If someone wants to revive Romans, they can dm me that they’re interested but I won’t just hand over permissions. As I said, I lost truth in the last leadership after they all left within 1-2 week(s). In fact, I did a majority of the work despite being an advisor (yikes).

Again, though. If someone wants to revive Romans, you can direct message me or another guardian but we’ll only give serious consideration to requests if they actually have plans for Romans and actually will dedicate. And also, please let Romans rest for the rest of this year.

If Romans are to come back, wait until 2021. Reviving over and over will damage the hard work we did the past 2-3 gens. I only want any future roman generations if people are actually serious with leading this legendary army and actually have goals. If you just want to revive Romans for the sake of leading, don’t bother. I’ll personally deny your request on the spot along with the other guardians. I’d rather see the Nova Phoenix Corps (Romans’ successor army back in 2018 on CPO) come back than the actual Romans anyways, in my honest opinion.

What was your favorite moment in the army?

I don’t know. I just loved every minute of Romans. Even during the worst of times, I still enjoyed it. I enjoyed February before the two wars (the Brutusian War and the War of Invictus Injustice). Me and Smurf were pulling in so many recruits and built an actual family and loyal base from the ground up. Even after Romans closed, I stayed in contact with plenty of my recruits.

When we revived in July, they all returned to Romans as staff members. I’m probably going to give a rhetorical answer but every moment was my favorite. There was no “bad moment”. There were troubled times, but I wouldn’t say there was any sour moment in Romans. I enjoyed talking with my roman homies in the commons chat and I enjoyed leading Romans.

Say what you want about Romans or even specifically my leadership over Romans. But in my opinion we created something special. An loyal army base that didn’t need allies. If allies helped Romans, it was because they attended on their own accord. We never went to our allies and said “hey ping to log on for us”. Nah. We created something special. And considering we didn’t have CPO or whatever (since we are an CPR army and always have been), I think that’s incredible. So yeah, every moment I spent with Romans was a “favorite”.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Not really. I think I said everything I had to say. I’m not going to reiterate too much, but honestly despite romans’ broken history, we created a legacy. Not the best, not the worst. An special type of legacy. And that’s why I think Romans are the best army I’ve ever been in. Everyone was a Roman at one point. From Waterkid, to Spi, to Adden, and then full circle. Everyone once was a Roman at some point but I feel like they didn’t get the true Roman experience that we created this year and in 2017-2018.

Even people who were never in Romans and only heard stuff from stories in like ACP or Golds or RFCP. I open my doors to anyone who wants to learn more about Romans. I’ve been called “Romans’ Chronicler” for a reason. I want to make sure people are more well informed about our long history. Because people nitpick from the four major eras (2006-2017, 2014, 2017-2018, and 2020). But if you did the research like myself, you’ll see the beautiful hidden history of Romans. And I feel like a lot of other people can learn more about Romans than we did externally. Internally is a fun story.

If Romans for some reason came back and you never were a Roman (or were only a Roman very briefly), I ask of you to give it a try. Even visiting and getting to understand Romans more than the propaganda fed by nitpicked events/wars is something I want more people to do. Romans may be closing, but Rome will never fallen and welcomes all. Ave!

While it looks like the Romans may be shutting down forever, sometimes fate works in fickle ways. Perhaps we will see another revival very soon, or maybe the Romans will be laid to rest at long last.

What do YOU think? Will the Romans be revived again, or are they to shut down forever? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments down below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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