Freedomist and DrQueen Promoted to Water Sensei

WHITE HOUSE, Water Ninjas’ Empire – After the retirement of former leader Semi, the Water Ninjas witnesses Freedomist and DrQueen step up to the leadership. What was the reason behind these exciting promotions?

On October 17th, news about the recent inductions was posted the army’s official Discord, following a practice battle against the Royals. Advisor and veteran Orange proudly made the announcement, stating:

Orange’s announcement of the inductions on the Water Ninjas’ Discord server

DrQueen joined the community in early June of this year. She began her army career starting in the Ice Warriors, where she respectively rise up to a staff position. She then waddled her way over to join the Water Ninjas as a high command. After carefully observing how to lead an army, she eventually earned herself a spot as a leader.

Freedomist made his first debut to armies by joining the Light Troops back in 2016. However, he remained inactive until he joined the Templars in August 2019. He ranked up to a leader position to lead Templars with impressive maxes until he retired from the army to focus on real-life commitments.

Water Ninjas in a recent practice battle against the Royals

The Water Ninjas have witnessed an exhilarating rise ever since these two members tagged along with them. In fact, the army has slowly climbed up to the top. They attempted to maintain consistent maxes with every event they host and thus placed eighth on the Top Ten Major Armies last week.

The recent Top Ten Armies listing

CP Army Hub managed to grab an interview with DrQueen and Freedomist to find out more details regarding the exciting promotion.

How do you feel about this exciting promotion?

DrQueen: I’m so speechless honestly! I never thought that I would see my name as a leader’s ranking. I first started as staff, worked my way to a HCOM position, now a leader?!?! I am excited more than ever right now to have the chance to lead an awesome army!

Freedomist: I am excited to show people what I’ve got. This was a great opportunity for me to really show what I can do and I want to thank everyone in Water Ninjas who gave me this amazing opportunity.

Now that you are in charge, what do you have to offer to the army?

DrQueen: I’m here to my offer my creativity and dedication honestly. I want to bring some fresh new ideas to the army that would help us grow as an army and put our name out there

Freedomist: Along with my leading abilities, I believe that I can also bring a degree of experience. I’ve been in armies for a while now and I led an army for over a year so I believe I know what I’m doing

Should we be aware of any upcoming plans from the army?

DrQueen: We may have one or two things, but the fans are just going to have to wait and see what we do ;))

Freedomist: Personally, I plan to ensure high maxes, victories against armies in practice battles and consistent major top ten placements.

Any final comments you would like to add?

DrQueen: I want to thank my Ice Warriors, Water Ninjas & Clown Rebellion family for their endless support throughout my armies journey as I wish to continue to make them even more proud. Big shoutout to the WN HCOM and my girl, IceQueen, as without her I wouldn’t be here today. Last but not least, Congrats to my good buddy, Freedomist, who also got promoted to leader in WN the same time I got promoted. We are about to do some amazing things! I love you all dearly.

Freedomist: I believe DrQueen and I will only strengthen an already strong leadership. You give me leader, I give you results.

As you can tell, DrQueen seems confident that the army will be expecting some new changes soon, especially with two new leaders in charge. Without a doubt, the army will have something to bring to the table in the days coming. Above all, the Water Ninjas seem to have a bright future ahead. With this new leadership change, how will the Water Ninjas fare in the community?

What do YOU think? Will the Water Ninjas climb their way to the top? Let us know in the comment section below.


CP Army Hub Reporter



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