Fright or Fight: Round One, Day Two Predictions

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters — The first round of the Fright or Fight tournament is upon us, and we’ve rounded up the staff predictions for your pleasure!

Yesterday marked the start of the highly anticipated Fright or Fight tournament, with a whopping 14 armies taking part in the first round (click here for the times). Day Two, however, will see just eight armies go head-to-head in four intense battles. Who will emerge the victors? And who are the CP Army Hub editors placing bets on?

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Ice Warriors vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

The second day of round one is set to kick off with allies the Ice Warriors and Special Weapons and Tactics. The Warriors ranked second in the latest Top Ten, where as the Special Weapons were considerably lower at ninth. Despite a unanimous staff prediction in favour of the Ice Warriors, could the Special Weapons step up to the plate and steal a surprise win?


Pookie, Chief Executive Officer: Ice Warriors

LuciferStar, Chief Executive Officer: Ice Warriors

Max, Executive Producer: Ice Warriors

Cassie, Vice President: Ice Warriors

Scorpion Demon, Editor-in-Chief: Ice Warriors

Sophie, Editor-in-Chief: Ice Warriors

Mehakk, Editor-in-Chief: Ice Warriors

Silver Empire vs. Mystery Army

The highly mysterious Mystery Army will be meeting the Silver Empire on the battlefield – but who and what could it be?! The Silver Empire recently placed fourth on the Top Ten rankings and have been consistently hitting sizes of approximately 15, making them strong contenders in the competition. But will the Mystery Army prove too fierce for the Silvers to handle, and cause their Empire to come crumbling down?

The Silver Empire recently in action.


Pookie, Chief Executive Officer: Mystery Army

LuciferStar, Chief Executive Officer: Mystery Army

Max, Executive Producer: Silver Empire

Cassie, Vice President: Silver Empire

Scorpion Demon, Editor-in-Chief: Mystery Army

Sophie, Editor-in-Chief: Silver Empire

Mehakk, Editor-in-Chief: Silver Empire

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Mystery Army

The Legend Cup X champions, the Rebel Penguin Federation, are a favourite in the major army Fright or Fight tournament. They are set to face the Mystery Army in conflict, so could we be seeing the biggest upset of the year? Or will the Rebels dominate as the staff predictions indicate?

The Rebels at a recent training event.


Pookie, Chief Executive Officer: Mystery Army

LuciferStar, Chief Executive Officer: Mystery Army

Max, Executive Producer: Rebel Penguin Federation

Cassie, Vice President: Rebel Penguin Federation

Scorpion Demon, Editor-in-Chief: Rebel Penguin Federation

Sophie, Editor-in-Chief: Rebel Penguin Federation

Mehakk, Editor-in-Chief: Rebel Penguin Federation

Most Wanted vs. Tree Cult

The newly formed Tree Cult and Most Wanted armies will go head-to-head for a round two placement. Last week the Tree Cult peaked at 11 penguins and ranked ninth in the official small-medium listings, while unfortunately the Most Wanted failed to place. Could this indicate an easy victory for the Trees, or will they be cut down in a surprise upset?


Pookie, Chief Executive Officer: Tree Cult

LuciferStar, Chief Executive Officer: Most Wanted

Max, Executive Producer: Tree Cult

Cassie, Vice President: Tree Cult

Scorpion Demon, Editor-in-Chief: Tree Cult

Sophie, Editor-in-Chief: Tree Cult

Mehakk, Editor-in-Chief: Most Wanted

With the second day of round one battles taking place later today, there is no doubt this tournament is going to be a huge happening in the army community. But which of the staff got it right? And what do you think?

What do YOU think? Let us know about YOUR predictions in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


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  1. I think that SWAT will win! (this prediction on my end may or may not be biased because I am a part of SWAT)


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