Oliver and Aubz Say Goodbye to SWAT Leadership

SNOW SHOE, Special Weapons and Tactics Empire Oliver and Aubz, both well-established and renowned SWAT leaders, have decided to step down from their leadership positions and CP Armies as a whole.

Oliver joined the Special Weapons and Tactics and consequently the CP Army community back in 2009. After years of being a part of SWAT, Oliver eventually received Third in Command and later received a promotion to Leader in Training in 2012. However, he was let go due to inactivity within the army. This was not permanent, though, as months after his departure, Oliver returned to the army. Oliver obtained a leadership position for the first time at SWAT in early 2014; he led many battles and contributed a large amount to the army up until September when he decided it was time for him to retire.

It wasn’t until April of 2020, six years after his departure, that Oliver made his return. It was around this time that Oliver created the Mango Corps alongside Kailee and Smoke. The Mango Corps developed into a somewhat successful army, reaching heights of seventh on the S/M Army Top Ten list. Oliver then returned to SWAT leadership alongside Ganger90. Under the recent leadership of Oliver, the Special Weapons and Tactics have maxed spectacular sizes such as 42 at a practice battle with the Army of CP and have steadily climbed the Top Ten ladder, reaching a very impressive sixth place.

SWAT engaging in a practice battle with the Army of CP on October 13th

Aubz, who is widely recognized as one of SWAT’s most notable and hardworking troops, first joined the Special Weapons and Tactics when they used Club Penguin Online under the leadership of Zuke and Cargo. Aubz worked her way up to Leader in Training and was, according to Ganger himself, a fantastic recruiter and an extremely ambitious leader who contributed a great deal to their record-breaking sizes of 100+ back in April of this year. Although everything was looking fantastic between Aubz and SWAT, some internal conflicts resulted in Aubz’s departure from SWAT and the creation of her very own army, the One Direction Army. ODA became a very successful army and rapidly began maxing solid numbers and had a fairly tight-knit community and leadership team.

Although the One Direction Army seemed to be performing exceptionally well, Aubz decided that she wanted to return to the Special Weapons and Tactics and work extraordinarily hard to become a SWAT legend. According to Ganger, one of Aubz’s strongest characteristics was her ability to command her army through huge wars, maintaining a positive outlook, and never giving up or backing down.

SWAT maxing 100 in a successful defense of Permafrost against the Underground Mafia Army and the Light Troops

However, all good things must come to an end. A few days prior, Oliver announced their retirement in an event post scheduled to take place on October 20th. This event was a complete success, resulting in SWAT maxing a fantastic 35 penguins. After all their hard work and dedication, the Special Weapons and Tactics will definitely miss the leadership of Oliver and Aubz.

Oliver and Aubz’s Retirement event

The CP Army Hub staff reached out to Oliver and Aubz for an interview regarding their retirement but received no response. Instead, SWAT leader Ganger90 was asked for a statement regarding both former leaders:

Oli, widely known in SWAT as Stare3000, was one of the first people to ever join the army back on Mammoth in 2010. He’s stuck with SWAT his entire career and once it became his first CP army, it’s been his main army ever since. He’s shown nothing short of straight loyalty and love for SWAT and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

Aubz first joined SWAT back in CPO while Zuke and Cargo were leading and worked her way up to become a LIT and was a great recruiter and ambitious leader.
SWAT loves Aubz and we wish her nothing but success in life, and she knows we will always be there for her.

After showing great loyalty and contributing tons to the army, the Special Weapons and Tactics will certainly miss their former leaders. Following the retirement of two experienced and loyal leaders, what lies in store for SWAT next? How will they cope with this loss?

What do YOU think? How will the Special Weapons and Tactics fare following the loss of two important leaders? Let us know in the comments section down below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee

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