Ram Em Promoted to Most Wanted Leader

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Most Wanted Empire – After several twists and turns and a few mishaps, the Most Wanted army has announced an exciting new promotion. It was declared that Ram Em, a dedicated Leader-in-Training, would be joining the leadership team. How will this new change affect the army?

In December of 2019, XWickedX and KJ Honey created the Most Wanted army. Although it had a successful start, some internal issues drove it to shutdown. In early September of this year, it was revived by Fusion, Vivala, Quinn, and Erika. Unfortunately, the server suffered a defacement and remained closed for about a month. But thanks to Vivala and Mariee, it returned once again with a max of 10 at their first event.

Most Wanted’s opening event

Ram Em joined armies in May after being recruited into the Silver Empire. From there, she joined the Red Ravagers and ranked her way up to Captain, and even created a joke army of her own: Bullied by Jimmy of CP.  After merging Bullied by Jimmy of CP into Most Wanted due to a period of heavy inactivity, Ram enlisted in Most Wanted as a Leader-In-Training. She’s been working tirelessly ever since.

CP Army Hub managed to get an exclusive interview with Ram to hear her thoughts on her promotion.

What were your first thoughts when you were promoted? Was it something you were expecting, or a complete surprise? 

Well, my “meme army” you might have heard of (Bullied by Jimmy of Cp) decided to merge with Most Wanted. It was a win win for both of us. When we merged I was promoted to Leader in Training. So yes, I was expecting it. I was and am very excited to be a leader in the army. And I am looking to work with everyone on the server.

Exciting! Do you have anything special planned for the army?

Hmmm. Well I do have a lot of ideas. Hopefully some of those ideas will make the server more active. But anything really special stays a secret till it happens. I love surprises. 

Now I’m sure we’re all curious, will you continue your work in other armies, or focus all your time on MW? 

I haven’t decided yet. I will still continue to be active in the other armies i’m in for sure. But I think now that I’m a leader MW is my primary focus. 

Can’t wait to see how you do! Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

I just want to say thank you to Amber and the rest of SE for recruiting me. Without them I wouldn’t be here at all. So yeah, special thanks to Amber and SE and Maxine for not banning me for saying Red Ravangers LOL. And finally I would like to thank the MW staff for seeing the potential in me:)

Ram certainly has a few things up her sleeve, and it’ll certainly be interesting to see how she does. There’s no telling what’ll happen! The question is, how will Most Wanted change under her reign? Could we see them rising to greater heights than ever before?

What do YOU think? Will Ram Em prove to be a worthy leader? What could she have planned? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee

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