Footprints in the Sand: Action of the Rebel Penguin Federation

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – In the latest edition of Footprints in the Sand, where we sit down and discuss a favorite moment with a different member of our community every week, we will be featuring Action of the Rebel Penguin Federation!

Action first joined the Rebel Penguin Federation around half a year ago on June 4th and has been staying with the Rebels ever since. He is currently a Colonel, one of the highest member ranks. Additionally, Action is also a Reporter within the CP Army Hub, and he joined the team in early September.

The Rebels during a recent division battle

The CP Army Hub staff were able to sit down with Action and discuss his favorite moment since joining the army community:

What has been your favorite moment since joining the army community?

I’ve had a ton of fun moments in RPF ever since I’ve joined tbh. The community here is really wholesome and I love all the people there, but if I were to choose one I would probably say the summer Olympics. When the Olympics started I wasnt very active and only attended events. However, a fellow troop yoshi pinged me saying she missed me (or something along those lines) and at the time I had hit a really rough patch. It made me happy that at least someone cared and I became more active in Hydra chat (that was the team I was in). Other than that the Olympics in itself were really fun and I really enjoyed them and they are the reason I’m active in RPF today

Did your Olympics team win or lose? Was the winner expected or shocking to you?

Well we lost, we came in third. Team Terra won and it was pretty much between them and team Phoenix, though personally I felt that Terra would win

Was there anything new that you learned during the Summer Olympics? If yes, how did you apply this to future RPF activities?

Well I definitely learned how to be active and talk to others more. Like I said before I was very inactive and more introverted but talking in that small chat really helped me speak out more in main and it’s made me significantly more active in RPF. Other than that there was an incident in the Olympics from which I learnt that you can joke around but never become aggressive and always respect one another

Do you have anything else to add regarding the Summer Olympics?

Well yeah Summer Olympics were fun, and I loved them a ton. It helped me get closer to RPF in general and along with that since it was about mini games, I learnt how to play mini games. The summer Olympics were fun for all of us and I honestly can’t wait for the Winter Olympics 😀

The Summer Olympics was definitely an important moment, for it led to Action’s activeness within the community. With another moment explored, what lies in store for next week? What moment will we see?

What do YOU think about Action’s favorite moment? Who should be interviewed next? Let us know in the comments section down below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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  1. me interview me i swear i wont joke at all pls


  2. No me don’t listen to kiddo he retired


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